If You Use An Infinix Android Smart phone, Try Not To Root It!

It actually would interest you to know that i still have the infinix Zero 2 smart phone at hand. Yes! Other than specs, the Zero 2, in my opinion, is still the best phone infinix has released so far (even though I don’t use the smart phone as my daily driver).

Infinix Zero 2 back view

Maybe, just maybe, the rumored upcoming infinix smart phone with fingerprint scanner and full metal design may change my perception (Am quite lazy, so I love using devices with fingerprint scanners :-D).

infinix upcoming smartphone

Anyway, that isn’t the basic focus of this post. The main aim of this post is to send a sound warning/notification to all infinix smart phone users.

Why Not To Root An Infinix Android Phone

Day in, day out, we keep getting complains of software issues relating to infinix smartphones and a huge number of them point towards their infinix phone being bricked. Well, we have often covered tutorials on how to fix some of these devices, not everyone is tech savvy. Hence, the whole process could be quite tasky and probably seem as a journey of no return. Perhaps, in the future, we will be able to work something out for our esteemed readers.

If you are an infinix smart phone user, we’d like to advise that you try NOT to root your phone. Of course, we will give our reason and it’s simply to avoid bricking the phone.

So far, I have one way or the other, played with almost every infinix phone being released since 2014 (talk of the infinix Zero x506) till date (talk of the infinix hot 3). 

Amongst the list of these smart phones, I have extensively used the infinix Hot, hot 2, Hot Note, Note 2 (didn’t use for long as it was nabbed), Zero 2. While most of these devices can be considered very pleasing, they had one similar problem, bricking.

Nope, the phones just don’t brick on their own. Something triggers it and the most often cause is as a result of the phone being rooted (infinix mobile is vindicated as rooting voids warranty). Now, rooting the phone doesn’t brick it. No, it doesn’t. However, whenever there is a software update and you choose to update, you will most likely, be faced with a bricked infinix phone at the end of the day.

Why Not Unroot?

Wait! I think I know what you are thinking. Why don’t I unroot the phone before updating?

I am not totally naive to these things. Of course, I usually unroot before updating and i would advise anyone to do likewise. I even use a rooting checking app to validate that the phone has been completely unrooted. But this doesn’t solve the case. Despite the phone been unrooted, updating the software still bricks the phone. Yes, this isn’t a case with just one infinix smart phone. It’s something with all except for the hot 2 running Google’s stock lollipop OS.

So, if you are yet to root your infinix smart phone, it’s best you don’t. Except you are tech savvy and understands your way around fixing it. Secondly, if you still want to root, make sure you back up your files and apps before choosing to update. This is because, if the phone gets bricked and you are able to fix it, you will lost all of the files in the phone.

Extra Tip

When the infinix Zero 2 smart phone got bricked as a result of trying to update the Android 5.1 lollipop OS despite unrooting the phone, I decided to use the opportunity in flashing the default 4.4 KitKat and guess what, this feels better.

infinix zero 2 running kitkat OS

If you are using the infinix zero 2 running Android lollipop, you are most likely faced with battery drain issue. If you want to get out of that, simply go back to KitKat. Simple as ABC.

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