$20 VR Shinecon 3D Virtual Reality Headset Unboxing and Review [Photos]

The age of VR is upon us. For those who don’t know, VR means Virtual Reality and what it basically does is, give you a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience when it comes to the way you watch videos/movies and play games.

You may have heard of the Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and a few others from brands which are quite expensive.

Thanks to our Chinese brothers and Sisters, we can actually have a feel of Virtual Reality with 3D glasses without having to break the bank or eating dip into our pocket. And right here, we’d be unboxing the $20 VR Shinecon Virtual Reality 3D glasses headset.

vr shinecon 3d glasses pack

First, I actually got this from GearBest and it took just about 11 days to get to my location which I would say, was pretty fast despite using the free delivery option.

The free shipping option on gearbest allows you shop for products and have them delivered to your location without having to pay any extra charges. Interested in knowing more about this, this self experienced post extensively talked  on the subject matter.

Unboxing The VR Shinecon 3D Virtual Reality Headset What’s Inside The Pack?

These are basically what comes with the pack;

  • VR Shinecon 3D VR Glasses Headset
  • User Manual
  • A cleaning soft cloth
  • A remote controller + Remote manual + Remote Stand

Without much talks, i am going to leave you to feed on the images below. A comprehensive review will hopefully be published in the next few weeks.

vr shinecon 3d glasses headset
vr shinecon 3d glasses headset view
vr shinecon 3d glasses headset side viewvr shinecon 3d glasses headset accessoriesvr shinecon 3d glasses remotevr shinecon 3d glasses remote viewvr shinecon 3d glasses remote accessories
P.S: The VR Shinecon 3D Virtual Reality Glasses is currently being sold at $19.99 on Gearbest. If you’d like to try out this headset, you can purchase it for the above price without having to pay an extra charge for delivery.

Bare in mind though, free shipping is not the only shipping option available on GearBest. There is a more precise shipping option should should cost you a few bucks. This however, is totally optional.

VR Shinecon 3D Virtual Reality Headset Review

Having used the VR Shnecon 3D for a few days, you really shouldn’t expect a lot. I personally like the fact that the device works properly with my iPhone, my android and pretty much every other device i tried using.

Be mindful though, VR headsets do not work properly with just any video. You’d have to download or watch videos that are specifically for VR headsets.

These kinds of videos often have two sides. This isn’t exclusive to just the VR Shinecod 3D VR headset, but to every other headset in the market. In plain english, it’s the standard.

Experience wise, this is an entry-level 3D virtual reality headset. For around $19 USD, you shouldn’t expect a top notch experience. The VR headset is aimed at giving you an insight to how the concept works and although the experience was OKAY, it doesn’t match up to what the Samsung Gear or HTC Hive have in place.

Looking off the pictures above, you can find the soft foam region. Yes, it’s actually foamy around that region and it’s aimed at making the headset settle with your face without hurting and yes, it does a pretty good job at that.

Using the headset, you should be pretty much wowed if it’s your first time. However, if you’ve used other high quality headset, you probably wouldn’t get much out of this. Hence, the VR Shinecon 3D VR headset does a pretty good job at introducing you to the Virtual Reality concept and what to expect.

VR Shinecon 3D VR Headset Price

This is an updated information. The VR headset currently sells on Gearbest for around $16 USD. That’s $3 down the price it used to be. If you’ve been meaning to get the headset, now will really be a good time. Interested? Click HERE to buy from Gearbest.

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