4 Pieces Of Technology Which Can Be Recycled

Until recently, the majority of electronic devices were simply discarded, most of them ending up in landfill. Aside from the environmental impact of using landfill sites, disposing of technology in this way comes with added risks. For example, the leakage of toxic materials into the environment, damaging local ecosystems.

Thankfully, it’s now easy to dispose of your unwanted electronics and gadgets in a more sustainable way. Here are four pieces of technology you can recycle:

1. Mobile Phones

mobile phones can be recycled

Mobile phones are one of the most disposable items of technology we own. People typically keep hold of their phone for around two years, upgrading when their contract ends and new technology is released.

Thankfully, they are one of the easiest pieces of technology to recycle – with several options for you to choose from. Many people opt to simply sell their phone on, through online marketplaces or social media. If you go for this option, you should make sure you erase personal data from the phone before you do so.

There are also many websites that will buy your mobile phone and recycle it for you. This is a simple process. You just answer a few questions, pop your phone in the post – and money will be sent to you once they receive it.

2. Laptops and Computers

laptops can be recycled

Many computers are toxic to the environment when they’re not disposed of correctly. A lot of people have old laptops and computers lying around the house, not really knowing what to do with them.

Can you relate? The good news is there are also many ways to recycle old computers and laptops. Before you do this, you should back up any important files you have on the old computer so you don’t lose them. Next, experts remind you how important it is to wipe your data. You should do this by deleting and overwriting any sensitive data – before performing a factory reset. This will return your computer to the state it was in when you bought it, ensuring whoever ends up with the device can’t steal your data.

There’s even better news if you have old Apple devices lying around as you are able to trade them in to receive money off your next purchase.

3. Televisions

TV recycling

If you head to your nearest landfill site, you’ll likely see huge numbers of televisions discarded by their previous owners. Often, people keep hold of their TV until it stops working properly. They assume it’s no use to anyone, and so throw it away without a second thought.

But TVs can be recycled, just like other devices, even when they’re no longer in good working order.

4. Games Consoles

Recycle game consoles

Finally, old games consoles can also be recycled. In fact, they are often easier to sell on than other devices – especially if you have an older, retro model in good working order.

If you really can’t be bothered to sell or trade-in the console, why not donate it to charity? This will provide a family with an opportunity to purchase it at a lower cost, with the proceeds going towards a good cause.

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