Best 6 Free Twitter Tools To Manage and Unfollow Non-Followers Today

Social media networks like Twitter are a big deal and technically, it makes sense to keep an eye on the people following you, non-followers (those you follow but not following you back), and other vital data. In this post, we will be looking at the best twitter tools to manage and unfollow non-followers today.

Twitter is indeed, a great tool for business owners and persons alike. There are a lot of opportunities abound on the social media platform as long as you know how to utilize it.

It was around 8 years ago I first joined twitter. At the time, I didn’t know how to use the social media platform. Heck! I could literally follow anybody that comes to mind without fully understanding what that feature even meant.

As I grew older and became more enlightened, I got to understand what these terms mean. However, it was a bit late as I had too many people I was following.

I recently tried following a user on twitter and I realized I couldn’t. There and then, I realized there’s a limit to how many people you can follow. The follow limit on twitter is 5000. Once you’ve followed 5000 accounts, there are limits to the additional accounts you can follow.

Knowing this, it was about time I check my follow list seeing I was over 5000. I had to unfollow non-followers. Non-followers are accounts I follow that do not follow me back.

Since twitter by default, doesn’t make this easy. It was necessary to employ free tools to unfollow non-followers. There are quite a number of free tools that allow you do this and in this post, we will be looking at a few of these tools. I’ve streamlined these tools and only provide the best here.

Free Twitter Tools To Unfollow Users That Do Not Follow You Back

1. Circleboom

circleboom twitter unfollow non-followers tool

Circleboom is a simple twitter tool that allows you manage your accounts, find the right profiles to follow and equally discover those you follow but do not follow you in return.

This was the first tool I tried and indeed, it did the job – to an extent. How do I mean to an extent? Discovering and unfollowing twitter accounts do not follow me in return is easy. However, there is a limit to the number of unfollows using the free account. To be exact, free accounts allows up to a total of 325 unfollows.

Asides the unfollow feature, you can get an insight on the number of friends house have, number of followers, days on twitter and how many tweets you tweet per day on average. It’s really a cool tool to give a shot.

2. Tweepi

tweepi online twitter tool

Tweepi is another free twitter tool I stumbled on. The interface is easy and straight to the point.

On the homepage, you will be required to sign up with your twitter account. This isn’t any different from the tool mentioned above. However, there are paid plans and free plans.

The free plan on Tweepi gives you an insight to the number of followers you’ve got and the number of people you follow but don’t follow you back. From here, you can decide to unfollow those users. However, there is a limit of 100 unfollowers a day on the free account.

There are a lot more you can do with this tool and I highly recommend you check them out.

3. Unfollowers Stats

unfollow stats twitter tool

Unfollowers stats is another free to use third-party twitter app to track her unfollowers and unfollow them. Using the app is equally easy and straight to the point.

Unfollowers stats pretty much does what it says. With the tool, you can get your twitter stats and also discover who isn’t following you back or who just unfollowed you.

Unfollowing users is equally easy but just as the rest, there are limits with the free plan. 200 unfollows per day to be exact.

The premium plan is relatively cheap for as low as $2.99/m. In this tool, you can equally find the hot topics around you. These are referred to as twitter trends.

4. Who Unfollowed Me

who unfollowed me on twitter

Who unfollowed me is another twitter tool that makes it easy for users to track unfollowers as well as new followers. With the tool, you can also track people who don’t follow back, and people you don’t follow back.

This tool upon signing in with your twitter account, gives you an insight on your following, followers, tweets and listed. It also gives you information regarding when you joined twitter and your last tweet.

From the dashboard, you can also get to see unfollowers, see new followers, see unfollowers history, as well as see new followers history. Unfortunately, the tool only displays new unfollowers and not old accounts that ain’t following you before you signed up for the tool.

5. Twitter Unfollow All

twitter unfollow all

Twitter unfollow all should perhaps, be the number one on this list. This is a Google chrome extension that allows you to unfollow many users on twitter with a simple click.

This saves you the hustle of having to click the unfollow button for every user on twitter which technically, is a lot of hard work. This also saves you having to pay so much for premium tool.

The downsize with this tool however, is that it unfollows every followers including those that are following you. For this simple reason, using actual tools like any of those mentioned above could still be a better option.

Using this tool, you should be mindful of the number of unfollows. To keep it safe, you don’t want to go beyond 1000 unfollows per day.

6. UnfollowSpy

unfollowspy free tool to unfollow who do not follow back

unfollowspy is another free twitter tool that allows you manage your twitter account. With this online tool, you can view your recent followers, view recent unfollowers, view list of users who do not followback etc.

You can also schedule tweets, check inactive users and a whole lot more. Although unfollowing non-followers works on this platform, the process is a bit slow compared to other tools we’ve mentioned on this page thus far.

There you have it, guys. Those are the best 6 Free tools to manage and unfollow non-followers on twitter in 2019. If we missed out any that still works well currently, do share using the comment session.

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