Best Airpod Wireless Earbuds Knockoffs You Can Get For Cheap Today

You already know about the Apple Airpod and how handy it can be. Especially if you use an iPhone, iPad, iMac or any Apple related products.

You also know how pricey it can be. At $159, it certainly doesn’t seem cheap. However, in this time and age, there are some Airpod Knockoffs you can get for really cheap prices.

They may not perform as well as the Airpod does. The reason is that they are usually replicas and depending on which you decide to get, the sound quality could be less or better.

In this post, we will be looking at the best Airpod wireless earbuds knockoffs you can get for cheap right now. These earbuds come at a relatively cheap price. Way less compared to the price of the Apple Airpod comes at. If you are looking for loudspeakers, there’s one I can recommend.

best Airpod wireless earbuds knockoffs

Hence, if you are on the look out to get the best Airpod alternatives, these cheap knockoffs or clones could get you satisfied.

Best Airpod Wireless Earbuds KnockOffs Today

Although there are quite a handful of fake Airpods on amazon and other related stores in 2018, we will be looking at the cheapest alternatives we could get our hands on.

We will also include a link to the stores for you to go check them out.

So, here are the best Airpod wireless earbuds knockoffs you can get for cheap right now.

1. A7 Wireless Earbuds

Just like the Apple Airpod which comes with a charging case other than the device itself, the A7 wireless earbuds also comes with Mic and a charging case.

A7 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

This works in almost similar manner as the Airpods. Other the sound quality isn’t that great as you get on the apple product, you get to enjoy a relatively good sound experience with the A7 Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

The A7 Bluetooth earbuds features advanced Bluetooth 4.2 which makes it compatible with most smart phones with Bluetooth functionality.

When it comes to size, the A7 is a bit bigger compared to the Apple Earbuds but, sits comfortably in the ears. Perhaps even better than the Airpod. However, this varies to personalities.

The A7 Bluetooth wireless Earbud with mic and charging case cost just about $35 thus making it a cheap Airpod knockoff.

2. X2 TWS Binaural Bluetootj Earphone

X2 TWS Binaural Bluetooth Earphone

The X2 TWS Binaural Bluetooth earphone is a mini Earbud. This also comes with a charging case and it’s available in various colors.

Color options includes Black, Silver, White and Rose Gold.

This features a detachable design, good sound and easy to use. It also features 1600mAh large capacity battery for charging box and can also be separated into a power bank. There is also an iPhone and Android charging connector for the sake of ease.

The X2 TWS is priced at around $40 which is relatively cheap for what you get.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

This is a bit cheesy as it doesn’t even have a unique brand name attached to it.

However, this comes at around $23 USD which is perhaps, one of the cheapest Airpod knockoff you’d find on this list.

The Wireless Bluetooth earbuds is relatively small and features a creative design. It is also easy to carry about.

With the Noise-camcelling microphone, you can be sure that background noise is reduced to produce a clear wireless conversation with others.

When it comes to battery, you get 0.5 charging time, 2h talking and music playtime and 180h standby time. The earbuds can even connect to two devices at the same time.

4. I9S TWS Smart Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

i9s TWS Smart Wireless Bluetooth

Another relatively cheap Airpod knockoff KS the i9s TWS wireless Bluetooth. This is priced at around $28 USD and comes with a charging case.

The I9S TWS also features Bluetooth 4.2 and packs stable transmission as well as low power consumption. That way, you get to experience long lasting battery life during the course of use.

With 300mAh charging case, I would say the battery on this guy is rather low compared to the competition. However, for the price it comes at, one shouldn’t expect so much.

5. HBQ-i8 Mini TWS Dual Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

HBQ-i8 Mini TWS Earphones Dual Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Last but not the least in our best Airpod wireless knockoffs is the hbq-i8 mini TWS dual wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

This is available in two major colors; black and white.

This also comes with a relatively beautiful looking case for the sake of safekeeping and charging.

The device is said to feature a compact and lightweight design which is aimed at reducing your ears pressure.

The charging case also comes packed with fast charging which should get you juiced up in no time. However, charging time is estimated to be 1-2Hours which should result to 4 hours of music time. Standby time is estimated to be 120hours with 3 to 4 hours talk time.

When it comes to pricing, the HBQ-i8 Mini TWS sells for around $30.

There you have it guys. Those are the best airpod wireless earbuds knockoffs you can get for cheap right now.

Subsequently, this list of cheap Airpod Earbud alternatives will be updated with new devices as they are discovered.

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