3 Mobile Accessories You Should Consider Getting Today

Technology is getting better by the day. Over time, we’ve grown from using just mobile phones (better described as handsets) to smartphones. Your smartphone can now not only make and receive calls, send and receive messages, it can now also check your emails, turn to a multimedia device amongst others.

We are in a digital age. If you would agree with me, the digital age has proven smarter than what it used to be. How about some mobile accessories?

mobile accessories to get in june, 2017

Back in the days, all we basically had when it comes to wearable, were wrist watches and maybe, bracelets. Now, we have smartwatches and smart bracelets. Same apply to other areas.

Here, I am going to talk on 3 mobile accessories you should consider getting in June, 2017. There are more though, but for now, let’s stick with just 3.

3 Mobile Accessories To Consider Getting

#1. Virtual Reality Headsets:

Virtual Reality headsets may not be making as much waves as they used to sometime last year. However, if you crave for more realistic viewing pleasure, you should consider getting a headset.

Virtual Reality headset

Most virtual reality headsets can be used alongside a mobile device and some are not overly expensive. For just around $30, you can get some. However, if you want a much better 3D or virtual reality experience, you may want to consider buying a quality product with quality experience. Of course, quality price lol.

2. SmartWatches:

Smartwatches are gradually becoming a part of us. At least, for those who want to be out of the norm. Personally, I’d rather prefer buying a smartwatch to buying a wrist watch. A wrist watch typically tells you the time and date. A smartwatch watch tells you more.

GT08 bluetooth smartwatch running android

A smartwatch can be connected to a smartphone. Thus, giving the user the ability to preform most phone functions right on the smartwatch. Some smartwatches like the GT08 has provisions for SIM and memory cards. That means, such smartwatches can be termed ‘wearable phones‘.

3. Wireless Headphones:

Almost every smartphone in the market comes with an headphone in the pack. When bought brand new of course. Yes, I understand that. Those can be termed as regular headphones.

wireless headphones

Let’s talk about listening to your favorite songs on a whole new level. Except you are using some really high quality headphones, wireless headphones with quality sound output should be your best bet. And when listening to your favorite songs on a regular or high quality headphone, you don’t want those wires coming between you and your groove. And that’s where a wireless headphone comes to play.

You should try one if you haven’t. I am sure you’d enjoy it.

So, that’s it. That’s basically the 3 mobile accessories I can recommend right now. Over time, I’d make more recommendations. Before then, we’d like to hear from you. Which mobile accessory would you recommend?

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉