MTN Data Plans and Subscription Codes For Android, iPhone 2020

This is an updated list of the current MTN Data Plans / Bundles and Subscription Codes for Android, iPhone for the year 2019. This list will continue to get updated as developments arises. Please note, this post was originally written in 2015 but has been updated in 2018 to reflect what’s working.

For sometime now, we have often been talking on issues that has to do with Internet Data subscription and related stuffs that has to do with Internet. There has also been freebies and information that has to do with cheap Internet browsing.

For those who don’t know, even MTN BIS plan can be used on android and computer. (Update: This isn’t valid anymore. You should rather go with the MTN data plans readily available for Android, iPhone and iPad (iOS) and computers below).

MTN data plans and subscription codes for Android and iPhone

Right now, let’s be more formal and let’s talk on the official MTN Internet Data plans for Android devices, iOS and computer alongside their subscription codes. Please be aware that these are not blackberry plans and may not work on blackberry devices.

Current MTN Data Plans and Their Subscription Codes 2019 Updated

Just before we go over to the full details, I’d like to perhaps, make it clear that MTN has different data plans with different data caps and validity period. These, i am pretty sure you are aware of.

There is the daily plan, Weekly plan, Monthly plan, 60 days plan and the 90 days plan.

Bundle Plan Price (N) Validity Period Activation Code (Text to 131) Activation    Code
50MB 100 24 Hrs 104 *104#
25MB 150 24Hrs 112 *112# (Discontinued)
100MB 200 24 Hrs 113 *113#

500MB + 250MB Bonus Data



7 Days

7 Days





1GB + 500MB Bonus data 1000 30 Days 106 *106#
1.5GB 1200 30 Days 130 *130#
2.5GB + 1GB Bonus data 2000 30 Days 110 *110#
5GB 3500 30 Days 107 *107#
10GB 5,000 30 Days 116 *—#
22GB 10,000 30 Days 117 *—#
50GB 20,000 60 Days 118 *—#
85GB 50,000 90Days 133 *—#

Please Note: The Bonus Datas will be available for use from 1:00am – 7.00am ON MTN DEAL ZONE.

MTN Data Usage Guide

1 hour instant messaging 10MB- 50MB
1 hour of web browsing 50MB-200MB
Download 100 e-mails 10MB-50MB
1 hour on Facebook 25MB- 80MB
Download 1 photo 0.05MB-2MB
Download 1 MP3 file 3MB- 8MB
1 software download 70MB-2GB
1 hour of video streaming ( e.g. YouTube) 500Mb-2GB

Please Note: The above data are just estimates. Precise usage varies depending on the situation.

MTN Data Speed

Signal Peak Speed Average internet browsing speed
GPRS 115 kbps 33 – 35..8kbps
EDGE 384 kbps —————-
3G 384 kbps 100 – 240kbps
3.5G (HSDPA) 3.6 Mbps 800kbps

Can MTN Internet Data Plans Be Rolled over?

Yes, they can. Just be sure to subscribe before your current subscription expires. That way, the roll over will be effective. In a case where the current subscription expires, data roll over cannot be done.

Can MTN Data Plans Be Auto Renewed?

Yes., they can be auto renewed. They are automatically auto-renewed at the end of the validity period. Just be sure to have sufficient account balance enough to pay the subscription bill. If for example, you subscribed to a N1000 data plan, be sure to have a minimum airtime balance of N1000 before the data expires.

How To Check MTN Data Plan Balance?

Checking your MTN data plan balance can be done in two ways. The first is via the use of USSD codes, while the other is via sending a short message service (SMS).

To check your MTN data plan balance via USSD code, dial *131# and reply with 4. Alternatively, simply dial *131*4#. To check the data bundle balance via SMS, send 2 to 131 and a response will be sent to you containing information relating to data balance.

Update: 2019

This content has been updated to reflect the list of MTN data plans and their subscriptions codes valid for January, 2018. If you care to know, there is a way of doubling your MTN data bundles for same price. That’s more like receiving 100% bonus of whatever subscription you choose to subscribe to. Interested in knowing more? HERE YOU GO!

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