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Disclaimer: This post on “CoolMoviez.Casa : Download Hollywood and Hindi Movies” is for educational purposes only. We do not recommend or support the use of sites hosting copyrighted files. Please know that use of such sites may be illegal.

When it comes to downloading movies, there are tons of sites to download from and is one of those.

While there are tons of sites to download from, a huge chuck of them can be harmful. Other times, they have a way of confusing users to download other files or keep clicking on ads other than the actual movie.

Personally, I am a huge fan of fzmovies. However, sometimes, tend to become unavailable. Other times, the download server can be very slow. But most times, it serves its purpose.

For the sake of alternatives when fzmovies isn’t available, is another movie downloading sites to check out.

Getting Started With For Downloading Movies

Coolmovies is one awesome site for downloading movies. There are different kinds of movies you can download from the site. The main ones being Hindi and Hollywood.

There are also a handful of movie genres you can download. These includes; Action, Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Romance, Drama, Horror, Music, Sci-fi, Fantasy, B-grade, Erotic, Animation and cartoon.

There are also other categories like upcoming movies, Top 5 Hit Movies, etc. The daily updated movies is also very visible on the front page.

When it comes to downloading movies from, it’s kinda tricky.

In most cases, you may end up downloading what you ought not to. Hence, the reason for this article. Typically, this article is aimed at guiding you through downloading movies from the movie downloading website. By that, I am making reference to download movies from CoolMoviez.

This entails what to click and where to click. Because really, there are a lot of confusing download button on the site but they are majorly ads.

First things first, I would recommend you use opera-mini app on your Android device. Feel free to search for the app on playstore and download.

How I Download Hollywood and Hindi Movies With Ease On CoolMoviez

Visit As earlier mentioned, there are tons of categories to surf and download from.

For the case of this tutorial, we are going to use downloading any movie under the daily updated movies section which is right on the homepage.

Take a look at the movie you’d love to download. For the sake of this tutorial, I will be downloading Dragon Blade which is a 2015 movie.

Captain Marvel which is a 2019 movie, is also available on Coolmoviez. The only issue currently, is the fact that the movie is currently only available online in HDTS format. I am guessing the blue ray version (an obviously better quality) should be out on the platform in a few weeks.

Since I will be downloading that movie, I will tap on the click here option highlighted in red.

Downloading from site

In most cases, this will end up in an Ad. Simply tap on the back button and tap on the Click Here option again.

At this point, the page giving more details regarding the movie should appear.

Scroll down till you get to see the full name of the movie alongside the extension being mp4. Below that, you’d find the number of hits and size.

download hollywood movie on coolmoviez

Tap on that.

Again, another similar page is displayed. There, you’d find a lot of download and click here buttons. Be careful!

Scroll down till you see Go to Download Page: Dragon Blade 2015 Chinese Hindi Dubbed Full Movie.mp4

Dragon blade hollywood movie download

Tap on that.

Another page is presented again. This also includes a number of download buttons, download file option and Click Here. Ignore them, possibly.

Scroll down again till you see Start downloading now – server 2: (movie title and extension) and start download now – server 1 : (Movie title and extension).

select server download
Tap on any of the movie titles and extension close to their servers. In this case, I choose the server 2.

The movie should at this point, pop up for download.

movie now downloading from

You can choose go download, play now or cancel. Since you are downloading, tap on Download. And the download should commence.

There you have it. Downloading from is that easy and straightforward. Plus, you get to download without having to contact loopholes and sorts. Questions? Feel free to ask using the comment session.

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