Best 4 Alternatives To Google Analytics Tool For Website Stats and Traffic Report

Google Analytics is the most popular online tool for web analytics and traffic report. A lot of website owners and webmasters use Google Analytics to track website visitors (stats) and to analyze contents on their website.

For some reasons, it’s clearly stated that using this tool is very accurate, but is that really true?

Oh well, personally i would recommend using different stats tracking tool so that you could compare and contract.

More so, there are some website owners who do not like the Google Analytics tool but have no choice because they do not know of any alternative.

4 best alternatives to google analytics

Fortunately there are other alternatives available which can possibly be used for web analytics and web report of your website. Listed below, are the best 4 alternatives to Google Analytics.

4 Alternatives To Google Analytics Tool

1. Woopra

Woopra is one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics due to its amazing features. This online monitoring tool displays real-time stats about website visitors and analytics.

The online tool has a Retention Analytics tool which sends out emails to your website visitors to revisit your website.

It can also generate reports for you as a webmaster. It enables you to track even anonymous visitors to converted users of your website. The Basic option is available for free.

2. SessionCam

SessionCam is a unique online tool which enables you to record and replay every visit to your website.

You can see every mouse that hits your site using this online tool. You will be able to use the Web analytics, heatmaps, conversion funnels and field drop-off reports.

This online tool will help you to track your visitors and also help you to improve your website in retaining visitors. It is free for up to 500 pages per month.

3. Reinvigorate

Reinvigorate is a simple real-time Web analytics tool. The online tool can track your active visitors and active pages in real-time.

The online tool has a desktop version called Snoop which enables you to see all your visitors stat from your desktop. You will receive a notification on your computer desktop every time there is a new visitor, new signup and more.

The heat maps are excellent for in-depth click-tracking and analysis. Web version has detailed visitor reporting, granular graphing, referral tracking, page level detail, globally distributed tracking, and many more. However, the three plans are not free but they come with a 14 day free trial and the prices are affordable.

4. Inspectlet

Inspectlet is the last but not the least when it comes to the best 4 alternative for Google analytics. It has four great features which include: real-time analytics, visitor screen capture, custom metrics and eye-tracking heatmaps.

You can use this online tool to monitor your website visitors as they click, scroll and type.

Inspectlet gives you a bird’s eye view of real-time events on your website. You can also use the conversion funnels which are available on Inspectlet to improve the quality of unique pages on your website.

It has a free plan while other plans including Micro, Standard, Pro and Large are paid plans.

Using any of these four alternatives to Google Analytics tool, you can be able to track your website traffic stats effectively and outsource other benefits. What other better tracking tool do you use in monitoring or viewing detailed report about your website visits?

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