Arvixe Web Hosting Review : Hosting Your WordPress Blog Using Arvixe

If you have been a regular follower of my blog then you probably would have known me for my reviews based on products or services I have used and now on this post, I just want to give my exclusive review on Arvixe web hosting service.

It’s been said that Arvixe was established in 2003 and since then, they have been providing hosting services to blogs and websites.

Arvixe literally has got loads of different hosting plans ranging from Linux hosting to hosting, Business hosting, reseller hosting, e-commerce hosting, and dedicated servers although personally for me, I only used the Business hosting.

Arvixe Web Hosting : My Review On Using The Business Plan

Yes, I actually went in for the business plan and this was because my previous hosting company made me understand that my blog was consuming too much CPU and resource usage.

Arvixe web hosting review

In my quest to seeking for a better host, a friend who also runs a famous blog, introduced me to arvixe webhosting and he categorically advised using the business plan which goes for $30 per month.

Personally, for me, I do not mind spending much as long as I see the benefit of it and I enjoy the service.

On my previous host I use to pay around $6 per month but since I was guaranteed good service, I had no other choice than to begin paying $30 and that’s a whopping $24 difference.

Day 1 With Arvixe Business Hosting Plan

Just like hostgator, arvixe requires verification by providing photo of your personal identity card and the credit card used in making the payment transaction.

This wasn’t a big deal as any original identity card was accepted unlike hostgator which requires a Government issues ID Card hence, I had to use my working id card to make the verification and it was accepted thereby making my account a verified one.

Moving further, moving my website files to the new host was the next step to take.

Free Website Files Transfer Service

Just like other hosting companies I have previously worked with, arvixe also provides free website transfer service therefore, all you need do is read through their transfer service policy and submit your current control panel details, relax, and wait for the whole movement to be done and completed before changing your domain name servers.

The website transfer service was done for me at no extra cost although I quite understand that this takes some time considering the size of my blogs would be.

Customer Support On Arvixe

Alright, this is one major problem I tend to have with the hosting company. Although tickets are replied to and the online chat service is always online, replies are hard to get.

Yes, you could possibly submit a ticket and you would get a response in the next 24 hours or you could start an online support chat and you could stay up there waiting without getting any other response outside someone saying, ‘hello, how can I help you today?‘.

Please do not get me wrong, tickets and online chats are being attended to most times but the tendency of not getting a response on time is very high compared to getting a response and so far so good, name cheap hosting has been the best so far for me in this case as their support is awesome.

Downtime And Up-time

Every web hosting company guarantees 99%. Well, what else were they supposed to say? However, not all web hosting companies live up to this.

The arvixe business hosting has a good uptime but I have also encountered downtime sometimes on my website. This downtime, however, only last a few minutes, and sometimes they appear and disappear living my website to display some offline messages brought forward by cloud-flare.

Arvixe Coupons

At the time of posting this review, I do not think arvixe offers any coupon codes for their hosting account even at the time of purchasing my account.


Even though the support service isn’t all that good, I still think arvixe is reliable as most big blogs I know runs on arvixe web hosting. Maybe I should go by the saying, ‘all blogs/websites are not the same’. Hence what works for someone else might not also work for me.


Arvixe is a good service, at least it was able to keep my website online, and even when I had a high number of traffic, the service was still up and running, unlike namecheap which reduced my daily traffic by almost 50%.

About the downtime I experienced, I think it was due to some plugins I had on my blog and I have been watching all my plugins lately.

So far so good, it’s been a long while since I experienced any downtime but at the same time, I’d want to tender advice to the arvixe team to be more upright in their support service because obviously, when someone needs critical support based on his/her hosting account, it obviously going to be delayed and personally for me, quick support is great service.

Have you ever used arvixe webhosting before or do you intend to use arvixe in hosting your WordPress blog? you can ask your questions and I will surely respond to you using the comment form. You can also contribute to the subject matter.

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