HawkHost Hosting Reviews : Hosting A WordPress Blog With Hawk Host Shared Hosting

HawkHost Hosting Company over the years has been one of the top-notch hosting companies that most internet users and webmasters do not know of. Although quite a lot of people know of hawkhost hosting but the percentage compared to webmasters who doesn’t, is high and this is solely based on personal speculation.

Hosting A WordPress Blog with hawkhost for me, has been an awesome experience and i also recommend the web hosting company for people thinking of creating or starting a WordPress blog.

It’s been like over 6 months since i started using the web hosting company in hosting some of my blogs and at this point, i just want to write a review about them here so that intending hawkhost hosting users could really decide on whether or not, to still go with purchasing an account with hawkhost.

HawkHost Hosting Reviews

It’s been one of my recent attitude lately to write reviews on some products or services. The idea is to aid my blog readers in different sectors of the economy. Precisely more of products and services that one way or the other, relates to Technology.

Hawkhost web hosting review

If you are a webmaster or new to the blogging world and intend to start a WordPress blog as your preferred blogging platforms, it could be really tasky getting a reliable web hosting service to host you blog. And in a lot of cases where there are varieties, it kinda gets confusing on which hosting to go for. You can read my hosting reviews to find the hosting company that suits you.

HawkHost Shared Hosting Up-time

Believe it or not, for over 6 months that i have been hosting with hawkhost shared hosting, i have never for once had a downtime for any of my blogs. Please tell me, isn’t 6 months plus enough time to know if an hosting company up-time is good or not?

Technical Support

I haven’t had much issues with my blogs on the web hosting service that requires me calling on the attention of their technical supports as i quite understand my where about in WordPress. This will most likely be the case if you do not try doing any advance stuff.

More so, the few times i had to call on the attention of the hawkhost technical support team in relation to my blog functionality always proved positive. So, i am giving them a 8/10 rating on the technical support.

Why 8/10 despite the good things i’ve said about them? Online Chat support. Doesn’t it just makes sense if you can require help via chat and get it sorted out? Well, you can’t exactly do that with Hawkhost. Even for sales, you’d sometimes need to send a ticket and wait for a response.

Guess you’d like to know if their response is quick? Here is the trick, when sending a ticket, always select emergency as the priority. This way, you will get a quick response to your ticket as long as the team is awake. That has always worked for me.

HawkHost Pricing

Hawkhost seem to be a reliably cheap hosting company compared to the service they provide. Like i always tell people, ‘don’t go for just cheap, go for reliability‘.

I presently pay €5.95 monthly for 6000MB of data storage space, 90GB of transfers and to be candid, i don’t usually check how much i have used even-through I’d get a reasonable amount of traffic because i know my hosting account doesn’t eat up much bandwidth. Besides, I am thinking of moving to an unlimited storage space and bandwidth in my next payment cycle using there sister hosting site as i intend hosting a new blog with them.

Unlimited Date Storage And Bandwidth?

Hawkhost do not offer unlimited plans in relation to transfers, data storage and bandwidth but their current specification is cool and hardly gets exhausted (depending on your blog’s traffic). However, you can get unlimited bandwidth via their sister hosting company(froghost).

Updating this, this blog recently surpassed the 90GB bandwidth limit and there was a need to upgrade. I moved to namecheap but had to return back. Reason? It’s shared in the namecheap shared hosting review post.

One Click WordPress Installation Via Control Panel

Hawkhost hosting allows you easily install WordPress to your domain via your hosting control panel. This can be done through the use of installation scripts like fantastico.

Wrapping Up

Hawkhost is a good and relatively cheap hosting company and I’d recommend it for your blog. Currently, i have no affiliate link on this post. Hence, that should tell you that everything i share here, is genuine.

I do not intend making affiliate sales from this review being up. I probably do not get commission from any of the web hosting reviews I’ve put up on this blog courtesy of not being a part of any web hosting affiliate program. Maybe in the future, I’d look into that angle.

What’s your review on hawkhost? What’s your experience with using the hosting company? Let’s hear from you using the comment box.

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