NameCheap Shared Webhosting Review – Hosting A WordPress Blog With NameCheap

Writing reviews on most of the services and stuff I use is something I enjoy doing and yes, I use this blog in really expressing myself. Here, I am sharing my review on NameCheap shared hosting and my experience with using NameCheap Web-Hosting Service in hosting my WordPress blog.

How I Get On NameCheap Shared Hosting

It all started around March 31st when I exhausted my hawkhost shared web-hosting bandwidth which left my blog to appear offline as it kept on noticing my readers that I have exhausted my bandwidth.

Usually, I understand that bandwidth resets every month and I am also aware that my traffic has increased over the period of time which is due to more work and I appreciate God for that.

On that fateful day, I got notified via email that I have exhausted my bandwidth. I sent a ticket to my hosting company but I got no response. I tried upgrading my account with my GTB mastercard but it was declined. It was later made clear to me that they do not accept payments of less than $3 via credit cards.

I had no option but to source for an alternative hosting company that accepts payment via credit card as my GTBank Mastercard was the only place I had funds in, Therefore, I was introduced to NameCheap.

namecheap shared webhosting review

Although I know Namecheap to be good in domain name registrations, a friend also told me that their web hosting is also good because that is what he uses. He also added that their support service is awesome and his traffic had increased since he started using them. Hence, I decided to also give them a try after all they tend to offer more disk space and bandwidth with the same charge compared to my current hosting company.

My Experience / Review On NameCheap Shared Web-Hosting

Yes, I made the payment using my GTBank Credit card that day and it was accepted as my means of payment and my blog was moved from my host to namecheap that same day. Although it took sometime for the DNS propagation to fully implement and circulate round all the browsers but I was happy that my blog was back on that day.

The second day of using namecheap, my daily page-views went slightly below what it used to be. Oh well, I felt probably it could be due to the DNS propagation issue.

The third day, my page views went even lower but I wasn’t that bothered because I believe it could take sometime for my traffic to be stable to what it used to be or better but it never did.

The Not So Good Experience

I became worried when my traffic became like 5000 below what it used to be. I wanted to be sure what the problem was, hence, I was patient for like a week. But, my traffic went drastically low like 5000 to 6000 below what it used to be.

I contacted the support team and it was made known to me that my WordPress blog uses too much CPU and resource usage. Due to this resource usage, my account was giving some visitors errors when they accessed my website. Although some suggestions were made like using cloud-flare.

I implemented CloudFlare with the hope that things will get better. After some days, it didn’t make any difference. Hence, I made my decision to go back to my previous host.

The first day I moved back, I noticed that my traffic increased and the second day, my traffic seemed to have been what it used to be before. That made me happy and also made me realize some things.

On my current host, my blog uses too much resource and CPU usage up to 100/100% and even after more contents and quiet encouraging ranking in SERP, my traffic seem not to be going above a specific limit and due to that, I was able to find out that my hawkhost shared hosting account still shows error to some visitors although to less visitors thereby leaving my page-views on a specific range.

Right now, I am still searching for a better web-hosting company that can really handle much traffic, CPU and Resource Usage on my blog and not minding the cost.

My Review Of NameCheap Shared Web-Hosting Service

NameCheap shared web-hosting service is cool no doubt, but they really cannot handle blogs that get a huge amount of traffic.

Their support team is awesome because most of the team are well-skilled when it comes to issues with accounts and WordPress blogs.

The live chat support is always online 24/7 to help their customers which is also an awesome feature people tend to look for and Yes, that also gave me the chance to believe that they were good.

Summary: Please do not get me wrong. NameCheap hosting is awesome and a great head start for beginners and websites that don’t consume much CPU and resources. However, for a blog or website that gets much traffic thus consuming much CPU, I wouldn’t advise Namecheap shared web hosting.

In a case like this, it’s probably a better idea to upgrade to a VPS plan or a much higher hosting package.

Have you ever used NameCheap Shared Web-hosting service? Please let’s hear your reviews, comments, or contributions using the comment form.

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