WapKing – Download Android Games, Apps, MP3s Musics, Wallpapers etc

This post exclusively talks about WapKing as a website for downloading Android games, mp3 music files, wallpapers, Apps, and more for your mobile phone. In theory, this post contains all you need to know about the mobile downloading platform.

Are you a java phone user or a Symbian phone user and looking for more sites where you can download games, applications, ringtones, and more? You are in the right place, hence, you should continue reading.

The website is a mobile-optimized website where you can download loads of files for your mobile device.

The mobile downloading platform offers loads of categories like mobile videos, Ringtones, Java Games, Wallpapers, themes, Symbian Games, news, and more.

A search bar is also present on the platform which enables users to easily search for a particular file without having to go through categories as long as they know the file name.

wapking download android games, apps

One amazing features about this mobile downloading site that seem more like mobile9, is the device detecting feature. This features enables the wapsite to automatically know the kind of device you use hence showing you files that’s compatible with your device.

Wapking Java Games

On the wapsite’s java games category, you can download amazing games like Harry Potter, Ultimate Mortal combat, Hard Rock Casino, etc.

The site also shows new updates of files via the category menu. I.e for example, when you visit the java games category, there’s a tab that shows the latest games that are been uploaded to the site.

The Java Category also has a quick category hence you can choose what type of games you want to see, for example Online Games, Movies & TV, Racing, Action, etc.


The themes category on the platform has 3 major categories which are Nokia S40v3, Nokia S60, and Sony Ericsson thus making it easy for you to choose what category your phone belongs to.

Symbian Games

The Symbian games category consists of games made specifically for Symbian phones and has the .sis or sisx extension. More so, the files on the Symbian games section show the capacity of the file in KB thus letting you know the size of the file.

This is essentially useful in giving you a head-start on the amount of files you are about to download should you decide to download.


Wapking is a cool portal for mobile downloading files, my problem with the site is the fact that the site doesn’t open on pc because it is only optimized for mobile users. You would even get a notification if you visit the site on a computer.

To visit wapking, just log on to www.wapking.pro and enjoy your downloads.

Update: Upon visiting wapking.com myself, I realize that the domain has been suspended. Precisely by the host. However, searching the domain name on google, the top result is wapking.pro Perhaps, the developers switched domains and allowed the former to die.

What’s probably even more interesting, is the difference in what the site offers. You no longer get java games, Symbian games, and any app relating to those phones. Instead, it’s now Android games, apps, and sorts.

It seems like, it’s specifically for Indians where more videos are uploaded. Full mp3 songs, and wallpapers are still part of the bargain here. For your precise mobile downloads, you should check out Waptrick instead.

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