Best 5 Chat (Mobile Messaging) Software / App For Java Phone Users

Are you looking for the best 5 chat (mobile messaging) software or applications for Java Mobile Phones? This post is particularly for you as it introduces the best 5 chat apps you can download for free and use on your java phone.

It’s been a while since i have been thinking of when i will be writing something on the above subject. Well, let’s just say last night, i had a dream about it and decided to put it up today lol 🙂

best mobile chat software or mobile messaging apps for java phone users

In this time and age, chatting apps and mobile messaging apps are a necessarily. To a very large extent, it’s what makes the phone more fun. This, of course, excludes music songs and related multimedia files.

For Java Phone users you would agree with me that not all applications seem to work fine with java phones. But, being the dude that has used a java phone before, i will be sharing here,  (5) best chat applications that works fine on java phones.

Best 5 Chat Apps For Java Phones

In no particular order, these are the best chat apps or mobile messaging apps for java phone I’d recommend downloading.

  1. 2go
  2. Mig33
  3. Nimbuzz
  4. Ebuddy
  5. Mozat

Having mentioned these apps, how about we talk a little about them? Shall we?


2go messenger has been one amazing chat software/application that’s been widely used in the mobile world. It has a flexible interface that makes it easy to navigable on a java phone. Trust me, you are going to love this app if you know how to get used to it.

The app isn’t only available on Java, it is also available on pretty much, every other major smartphone operating system in the market today. Curious to know how to download 2go on your phone? Here’s the post for you.


Mig33 is also one amazing software that enables you to meet new friends on the mig network by participating in the different rooms. Of course, there is room for private chats and more on m ig33 social network.

This is another app I highly recommend for java phone users. On the Mig33 chat network, you can meet chat and meet new friends without having to use a sophisticated phone.


Mozat messenger is another good chat application that works fine on java phones. Though a couple of times, i have heard people complain about it hanging but I guess they have to improve on that part.

What makes mozat unique is the pin feature that makes look like blackberry’s BBM. With the PIN feature, you can simply share the pin with friends and ask them to add you up on Mozat. Pretty cool, huh?


Nimbuzz is an application supported by java to engage in chatting and also signing in to Facebook. On Nimbuzz, you can chat on the nimbuzz rooms or Facebook, yahoo messenger, or other supported social networks.

If you do not understand this properly, let me enlighten you a bit more. Using Nimbuzz on your Java phone, you can directly chat with other friends on your Facebook account, yahoo messenger, and other supported social networks. With this app installed on your phone, you do not necessarily need to toggle between other well-known social network apps.


When it comes to flexibility while chatting on Facebook, yahoo messenger, MSN, and others, you can count on ebuddy.

Ebuddy is also awesome and easily flexible. It’s also compatible with java phones hence, being able to download ebuddy on your java phone is attainable.

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