50 Commonly Used Facebook Chat Abbreviations And Their Meanings

Quite a number of time people tend to use abbreviations during Facebook Chats and discussions rather than using their full meaning as this saves the stress from typing long letters.

While this can truly save time (if any), it can be confusing. Abbreviations in general, are kind of confusing. Especially if you are not that vast with these terms.

Have you ever got stock trying to find out what a friend could actually mean when using abbreviations?

Well, this article is to help you out and to also make you get used to using abbreviations.

50 Commonly Used Facebook Abbreviations and meanings

These are the commonly used abbreviations on social networking platforms. By that, i am making reference to these terms being used on WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, Facebook and more.

commonly used abbreviations on facebook and their meaning

They are often used in conversations. I’d advise taking the time to get used to them.

Alternatively, bookmark this page and easily come back to it whenever you seem lost. Of course, that is if you do not want to seem dumb by asking the sender.

  • ASAP: As Soon As Possible
  • ASL: Age/ Sex/ Location
  • B4: Before
  • B4U: Before You
  • BRB: Be Right Back
  • BTW: By The Way
  • B/W: Between
  • Cuz: Because
  • FYI: For Your Info
  • FB: Facebook
  • GM: Good Morning
  • GN: Good Night
  • GNASD: Good Night and Sweet Dreams
  • IDK: I don’t Know
  • IM: Instant Message
  • JK: Just Kidding
  • K: Okay
  • L8: Late
  • LOL: Laugh out Loud
  • LMAO: Laugh my ass of
  • LMFAO: Laugh my f**king ass off
  • LMK: Let Me Know
  • L8r: Later
  • M/F? : Male or Female?
  • Msg: Message
  • Pls: Please
  • Plz: Please
  • PM me: Private Message me (send me a Private Message)
  • Ppl: People
  • r: are
  • Rly: Reply (can also be used Really)
  • SD: Sweet Dreams
  • tht: that
  • Thx: Thanks
  • Tnx: Thanks
  • Txt: Text
  • TY: Thank You
  • Ttly: Talk to you later
  • u: you
  • ur: your
  • u’ll: you will
  • wtf:  What the f**k
  • wth: What the hell
  • zzz: Sleeping
  • LLNP:Long Life And Prosperity
  • HBD:Happy Birthday
  • H:Hello
  • I:Hi
  • G2G:Got to Go
  • IDK:I don’t Know

More Frequently used abbreviations On Facebook While Chatting?

Yes, we know the 50 abbreviations listed above are not all. However, we are open to getting more abbreviations and their meanings from you via comments. If you are looking for a meaning to an abbreviation not on the list above, simply post it via comment and we would try our best to help you with it.

Do you know that when you get familiar with these terms and begin to use them, people  will actually see you as a pro?

Sure but heyyyyyyyyyyy! Remember that too much of everything is bad :D.

Again, I would strongly advise that you bookmark this page on your device or social network to enable easy access.

Hope this help?

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