Website Control Panel – How To Access Your Blog/Website Control Panel

Following my tutorial on adding Google Adsense Ads and Addynamo to mobilepress, i realised a couple of bloggers do not know how to access their blog or website control panel as the tutorial involves accessing their control panel and editing your website or blog files.

What is Website Control Panel?

For a pro-blogger, the word ‘control panel‘ would not be a new phrase but for a newbie who is just starting off to understanding how blogs and website operates, i would say welcome to my blog ;).

Control Panel in it’s literal meaning, have to deal with the starting point or should i call it, the Admin Area? It can be seen from different angels depending on what it’s actually relating to.

Website control panel and how to access the hosting cpanel of your website

In the area of blogs or website, website control panel also known as Hosting control panel, deals basically with where your site contents are primarily stored. Yes, you can call it your site house but people generally see it as hosting.

Let me try explaining using a different context. Let’s assume you have an apartment. In this apartment, is a control room. This room is where you can control other things that happen in the apartment. You get it, right?

As you know, a self hosted blog like WordPress can’t stand on it’s own without an hosting account so also is a website, forum and other platforms that require some sort of scripts being installed in it’s hosting control panel.

How Do I Access My Hosting control Panel?

First let me point out something here. Not all blogging platforms require hosting or control panel from the end owner. For example blogger. Blogger is a blogging platform that is self hosted on Google.

What that means is, you do not need an hosting account to operate blogger rather, you only need a custom domain name and that is if you sole desire. Hence, if you are currently blogging using blogger then there is obviously no use trying to access any control panel as you can do whatever via your blogger dashboard.

Blogger dashboard in this case, is your admin area. Admin area is quite different from control panel. Control panel is more advanced than admin area.

There are different control panels for different platforms. Here, I’d be making reference to CPanel which is a script often used by web hosting companies. For most shared hosting services, cpanel comes as part of the package.

For website, blogs, forum and other self hosted platform users hosting on a shared hosting environment, you can access your Hosting Control panel by simply entering into your browser address bar, yoursiteaddress/cpanel. Alternatively, you can also use the format

Did you get that?

Ooooophs! Your Login Details right?

Your hosting company should have provided you with those details. If you have forgotten it, contact your hosting company ASAP.

Depending on the web hosting company you use, the control panel details are often placed in your web hosting company’s account dashboard. Alternatively, you can choose to log into your control panel right from your dashboard.

Hope this helps?

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