Orbit Downloader- Best Free Alternative To Internet Download Manager Software

Orbit Downloader software has proven to be a sort after alternative to Download Manager Software.

Being connected to the internet is fun. However, being able to download FAST while connected, is another level of fun. The experience certainly gets better.

Although browser’s like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, opera which comes with inbuilt downloading functions have some limitations and that’s why the use of internet download managing software like Internet Download Manager is a necessity if you really want to enjoy downloading on PC.

Internet Download Manager helps you download large files with increase in speed and also gives you the ability to pause and continue your downloads anytime you wish.

Another interesting feature of Internet Download Manager (IDM) is its ability to download videos with great speed from video streaming site and any other sites that support file downloading.

Do note however, the speed is better determined by your ISP. ISP means Internet Service Provider.

IDM comes with a 30 day trial period and after which you either register and pay some certain amount for the full license package or un-install Internet Download Manager from your PC which to me sure sucks. I understand in today’s world, there are ways you can get those programs without paying. However, this exposes you to virurs and malwares.

Having this in mind, you might want to test other alternatives which offer same features and functions same as Internet Download Manager(IDM) and are absolutely free to use.

Orbit Downloader As An Alternative To Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Although i haven’t tried much download managers and download accelerators, but so far so good orbit downloader has been the best free alternative so far to IDM. The software has proven itself worthy.

Orbit Downloader Program for Computer
Orbit Downloader software offers the same features as IDM as it gives you the ability to download files at a greater speed than browser-inbuilt download managers. Orbit downloader also allows you to download videos directly from video streaming sites like Dailymotion, Facebook, and others.

With Orbit Downloader installed on your PC, there might be no need to bother yourself with IDM registration and license issues. This is because Orbit downloader is absolutely free and comes with no trial period.

Downloading with orbit downloader can be done while you continue your work on your PC so you need not be scared of whether or not, you would have to wait till your download is completed. This feature is, however, typical in today’s world.

With the Orbit downloader program, users experience speeds up to 500% faster and less than 3MB of memory and 3% of CPU. How cool is that!

Download Orbit downloader from the official website and follow the onscreen instructions to enjoy unmetered downloads. The latest update has it that the software can now download WebM and HTML5 videos from YouTube.

What download manager software do you use for your downloads on the computer that works well? Please share with us.


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