How To Use Whatsapp Web For iPhone and iPad + Other Features

While the WhatsApp application is waxing stronger in the mobile world, Apple’s iPhone and iPad seemed to have been in the dark until recently.

Whatsapp update for iOS brings whatsapp web feature

sometime back, the WhatsApp Web Feature was introduced and that has ever since, been awesome as most people tend to use the feature.

The feature basically allows using the mobile messenger app on your computer without having to toggle between computer and phone in a bid to replying chats.

I have personally been using it for a while now and I would recommend giving it a shot. It takes away a lot of stress. Especially if you happen to be using your computer a lot of the time.

A few weeks back, I wrote a detailed tutorial that explained how you can spy on your spouse whatsapp conversations without them knowing.

While iOS devices couldn’t perform the function as a result of the WhatsApp Web Feature being absent, a reader lamented the issue via a comment on that post.

WhatsApp Web Feature On iPhone and iPad

Fortunately, WhatsApp for iOS, precisely iPhone and iPad just got an update a few days back, This update introduced the whatsapp Web Feature amongst others.

Hence, now you can also spy on your spouse messages if they use an iOS device and you can also chat with your WhatsApp contacts directly on your computer.

If your computer is running on windows 10 OS, please be aware that WhatsApp feature is now enabled on the Microsoft Edge browser. You can also use the firefox browser as well.

To access the WhatsApp web feature on your iPhone, follow these steps.

  • First, update the app to the latest version
  • Launch the app
  • Tap On Settings
  • Tap On WhatsApp Web/Desktop
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to scan with your computer.

Other Features Introduced To WhatsApp On iPhone

Other features in the update include the following:

  • Ability to set custom notification settings and mute for particular chats
  • The Ability to include videos in your chat backups via settings
  • Ability to mark chats as unread or read with a simple swipe to the right
  • Earlier messages now load automatically as you scroll through chats and no more synchronization with the network before being able to view current chats.
  • ET Cetera.

To update to the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad, simply launch the app store on your iOS device, tap on updates and choose to update the WhatsApp application.

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