How To Use New WhatsApp Status Update Feature On iPhone

WhatsApp introduced a new feature on its messaging platform known as Status. I know what you are thinking. There’s been status on the platform since inception, right? Well, the new WhatsApp Status feature is different from what you are accustomed to.

It’s somewhat similar to what is already present on Snapchat. WhatsApp’s idea of the new status update feature, is to make the app more interesting to use.

I mean, other than being able to just send and receive messages, make and receive voice and video calls, format texts, you can feed your contacts on how your day has been going using status update.

WhatsApp New Status update is pretty OKAY. However, it can’t be considered as being awesome. In my opinion, it doesn’t exactly go down well.

WhatsApp new Status feature on iPhone

First, Status messages expires in 24 hours. There isn’t a way you can use only text as status update. Instead, text has to be on images. Of course, only images can be used as status update.

WhatsApp also removed the previous status system. One that has been in existence since inception. Thus, forcing users to use the new status feature and perhaps, having to update it every 24 hours if you want to be seen as being active.

Anyway, I’d like to walk you through how you can use the new WhatsApp Status feature on iPhone. Let’s begin.

How To Get New WhatsApp Status Update Feature On iPhone

First, you need to visit the App Store and update the app to its latest version.

If after update, you still cannot find the status option, here’s what you should do.

  1. Double tap on the home button
  2. Close the WhatsApp Application
  3. Now, Relaunch the app. You should find the status option.

How To Make A New Status Update on WhatsApp

Making a new status update is quite easy and straight forward. You can choose to use images or GIFs. Thereafter, you can choose to add text.

Step #1: Tap on the Status option.

WhatsApp status update tab

#2: Tap on My Status or the status+ icon

Create new status update on whatsapp

Step #3: At this point, you will be implored to taking a picture. If you’d rather prefer using a pics from your gallery, tap on the picture icon.

Select Picture option as status update

4: Now, Choose the picture you’d like to use.

Step #5: If you’d like to add text, tap on the T icon. Alternatively, you can simply add a caption.

Add text to whatsapp status update picture

Step #6: If you’d like to add drawings, tap on the pencil icon.

Add drawings to images on WhatsApp

Step #7: When done, tap on the send button.

There you have it. You’ve successfully updated your status on WhatsApp.

How To Choose Who Views Your WhatsApp Status Update

You can choose who views your status update. Thanks to WhatsApp privacy settings. To get this done, follow the below steps:

Tap on Privacy option

Whatsapp status update tab

Under WHO WILL SEE MY UPDATES, Select either My Contacts, my contacts except, or only share with.

WhatsApp privacy settings for status updates

  • Choosing My Contacts allows you share your status updates with every of your contacts.
  • My contacts except allows you share your status update with your contacts except the particular contacts you choose.
  • Only share with allows you share your status update with a particular number of contacts you’d want to share with.

How To Reply To Status Updates On WhatsApp For iPhone

WhatsApp New feature not only allows you share status updates, you can also view your contacts status updates and place comments if you want to.

To reply to your contact’s status update, follow the steps below:

Step #1. Tap on the Status tab

WhatsApp status update tab

There, you’d find your contact’s status updates.

Step #2. Tap on any of them you’d like to view or reply to.

Step #3. Tap on Reply

reply to whatsapp status update

Step #4. Type whatever response you want to give and hit the send button.

It’s that simple.

WhatsApp also gives you the option of being able to see how many people have viewed your status update. However, I think that’s still in works.

I mean, despite how many replies I got to an update, WhatsApp still displayed the view count as two (2). And I wouldn’t want to think there is a way a contact can reply a status update without viewing the update.

So, there you have it. Using WhatsApp new status update on iPhone is pretty easy to use. Any questions? Feel free to ask.

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