Here’s How To Add Nigerian Country Flag To Your Facebook Profile Picture

As a Nigerian, allow me to ask you, are you presently proud of Nigeria and proud to be a Nigerian? If yes, you can let your friends on Facebook, know you are very proud of your country.

This feature isn’t opened to only Nigerians. Regardless of what country you are in/from, as long as it is recognized, you can add your country flag to your Facebook profile picture.

Sometime back, i wrote on how to create a picture with Nigeria or France overlay online. In this case, it’s quite different.

This doesn’t work as an overlay. Rather, it just adds your preferred country flag to a particular region of your profile pics.

For example, below is how it works. Being a Nigerian, I simply added the Nigerian country flag.

Add Nigerian country flag to your facebook profile pics

Not only can I add the flag to my profile pics, I can also add it to any of my Facebook Page’s profile picture. Additionally, I can set the duration as seen in the image below.

facebook profile pics duration period

Seems like something you’d be interested in? Permit me to walk you through getting it done.

Adding A Country Flag To Facebook Profile Picture

To make the process easy, simply follow the simple steps below.


  • Visit Facebook’s profile pics frames page HERE
  • Type in the name of your country in the search box. In my case, I used Nigeria.
  • Drag the image to re-position if the default position isn’t okay by you.
  • Select the duration at which you’d like the pics to remain.
  • Thereafter, click on Use as Profile Picture.

Viola! You’ve successfully added your country flag to your facebook profile pictures and also made it visible to your friends. Easy, huh?

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