How To Uninstall Or Delete Apps On Your MacBook (Bonus Tuts Included)

The most common question people ask nowadays is, “How can I stop apps from taking up so much space on my Macbook?” How much space does an app take?

Well, According to How-To Geek, the average app takes up about 50 MB. That means if you have 100 apps on your computer, it will take up to 5 GB! The ultimate answer: Uninstall them. Apps take up more space on a Mac than any other kind of file, and the biggest culprits are often apps that you barely use.

How do you uninstall an app? Just don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to clean out unwanted apps from your computer without having to delete any necessary files or go through too much hassle.

How to uninstall or delete apps on your Macbook

In this blog post, we will talk about how to uninstall or delete apps from your Mac computer.

Method #1: How To Uninstall Apps On MacBook Using Finder

1. Either on your Desktop or in a Finder window, locate the app you want to delete. If the app is in your Dock but you can’t find it elsewhere, right-click it in the Dock and then choose Options and Show in Finder.

2. You have two alternatives once you’ve located the app icon. You can do the following:

  • Move the icon to the trash by right-clicking it and selecting Move to Trash.
  • Drag and drop the desktop app icon to the Trash folder.

Either you delete the app from your dock or you use finder, along with all or most of its data, it will vanish from your Finder or Desktop dock. If the app icon remains in your Dock, simply click it, and it will display an error notice before disappearing.

Also, open Trash and click Empty in the top-right corner to completely erase all the app data that are left behind.

Method #2: Delete / Uninstall Apps On Mac Using Launchpad

If the app you want to uninstall/delete downloads from the app store, you can also get rid of it through launchpad also, below are the steps you need to follow

1. Open Launchpad and find the app icon you wish to delete/uninstall

2. Click and hold down on the app icon until all the apps start wiggling

3. In the top-right corner, there should be an X icon. Then click Delete after clicking the X.

You’ve successfully gotten rid of the app now, it will disappear along with all of its data.

Bonus Tuts

We have let you know how you can permanently delete apps from your Mac computer and how to get rid of its left behind data. How about if you just want to hide the app icon from showing on the desktop home screen? Well, we got you, that’s why we are going to include this “Bonus Tuts” on how you can get it done.

How To Hide App icons From Mac Desktop Home Screen

1. Navigate to the finder, and click it open, then click on the Finder menu and choose preferences

2. Hover your mouse on the general tab and click on it

How to uninstall or delete apps on your Mac computer

3. Uncheck all the four options as shown in the image above to toggle off the option that’s allowing the app icon to show on the desktop home screen

The changes take effect instantly, and your hard disk will vanish (note that this does not actually delete the icons; rather, it only hides them from showing on the Desktop).

Any other icons you want to remove off your desktop can be dragged and dropped into another folder in your home directory or elsewhere.


This article explains how to hide, remove or delete apps on your Mac computer. Why you want to get rid of these apps depends on what they are and why you no longer need them.

If the application was removed from your system for some reason, removing its icon can make more room available for other items in Finder windows or the Dock at the bottom edge of a display screen.

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