WhatsApp Isn’t So Secured After all and Here Is Why

WhatsApp recently turned on the end-to-end encryption technology on its messaging platform and that was like the biggest news from the messaging app this year (Well, apart from other interesting features being added to the platform).

I mean, almost everyone talked about how secured WhatsApp now operates. It felt really welcoming. WhatsApp also added that no one can actually read your messages except you and the recipients. Not hackers, not cyber-criminals, oppressive regimes, not even WhatsApp itself.

That feeling really felt right. Especially to our ladies who always felt someone could monitor their WhatsApp messages without them knowing.

Just for the records, those statements by WhatsApp ain’t true. I mean, while cyber criminals, WhatsApp, oppressive regimes, hackers may not be able to read your WhatsApp messages, sent pictures and sorts, anyone who’s held your phone and accessed your WhatsApp for a few minutes can actually read your WhatsApp conversations when he/she isn’t with the phone (i.e if they want to and they know how to).

WhatsApp Web


Say Hello to WhatsApp web feature. While WhatsApp web feature is an awesome feature as it allows me reply my WhatsApp messages straight from my computer, it is WhatsApp biggest flaw in terms of privacy.

whatsapp isn't so secured

If I gain access to your phone and accessed your WhatsApp and I hope to continue reading your WhatsApp messages even when you are not close to me, it’s very possible.

As indicated in the screenshot above, I can read and reply my WhatsApp messages while on my laptop.

I can certainly do same for your WhatsApp messages especially if you are a female and have no idea about this tech buhaha. Nope, it won’t be required of me to enter any password whenever I want to continue reading these messages right from my computer as long as my phone and my computer has both got internet connection.

So you see, even with the end-to-end encryption feature being put in place, the way the WhatsApp web feature operates, hasn’t been changed. Hence, WhatsApp isn’t so secured after all.

BBM has got similar feature known as BBM Blend. However, it is more secured as no one can read your BBM messages without knowing the password to your phone. More reason why I said, BBM is more secure than WhatsApp.

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