WhatsApp For iPhone Gets Updated With GIFs Library – How To Find and Send 

WhatsApp for iPhone just got updated with GIFs Library. This shouldn’t be particularly new as we’ve shared an earlier report that the feature would be coming on board.

Although the WhatsApp GIFs feature is also present on Android, iPhone users get to do more.

On Android, WhatsApp basically supports sending and receiving GIFs. Android users can draw, add text and emojis to GIFs, before sending then. But that’s basically everything with GIFs on the platform.

WhatsApp for iPhone gets GIF Library support

iPhone WhatsApp users on the other hand, not only get support for sending and receiving GIFs, they have a GIF library.

WhatsApp GIFs Library On iPhone

The GIF Library on WhatsApp is somewhat similar to what Twitter has on board. You can search for GIFs that suits your conversation, add custom texts and emoji (optional), draw on the GIF, and send to the recipient.

The WhatsApp GIF library on iPhone is quite broad. You can also make a 6 second GIF from a video present on your iPhone. But guess what, finding the WhatsApp GIF Library on an iPhone isn’t that visible.

How to Find WhatsApp GIFs Library On iPhone And Send

As earlier mentioned, finding the WhatsApp GIFs Library on iPhone isn’t as easy as sending an emoji. You wouldn’t find it on the text screen. However, I’d like to guide you through the process.

  • Launch WhatsApp application on your iPhone and ignite a chat or continue an existing chat.
  • On the chat screen, tap on the camera icon,

IPhone whatsapp chat screen

  • Thereafter, tap on the picture icon as seen in the image below.

Picture icon on whatsapp for iPhone interface

  • Tapping the picture icon takes you to your phone’s Gallery. There, you’d find the GIF option.

GIF button on iPhone WhatsApp

  • Tap On GIF and you will be taken to the GIF Library.

iPhone WhatsApp GIFs Library

Choose your preferred GIF by tapping on it. If you’d like to add some customization, use the customization buttons present on the screen. If you’d rather not, simply hit the send icon.

Customized GIF using WhatsApp on iPhone

It’s that simple.

GIFs and Emojis are much better ways to communicate expressions rather than just sending texts.

In other news, What’s up with Google ALLO? With WhatsApp currently exploring video calls in it’s beta stage and the GIFs thingy being the new kid in the block, ALLO seem to be:

WhatsApp Example GIF

Biko, I won’t be held responsible for whatever interpretation you give to that GIF in relation to the subject matter.  By the way, both GIFs were courtesy of the GIF Library on WhatsApp for iPhone.

Glossary: Biko means please.

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