Facebook Temporarily Locked – Causes And How To Prevent This

I know this is one thing that is affecting most Facebook accounts and that is the issue of the social network stating that your account has been temporarily locked and you will need to verify ownership.

In most case, the worst part of it is that the verification process is very complicated. Imagine being shown animals and asked to verify which of your friend that is, hehe!

Just recently, a friend of mine had this issue with his account. He told me that his Facebook account has been blocked.

I requested for his Facebook username and password. But when i logged into his account the first message i saw was:

Sorry your account is temporarily unavailable, please login to www.facebook.com from a computer and follow the instructions.

At that point in time i realized what was wrong. His account wasn’t blocked, it was just temporarily locked.

It’s so unfortunate that he couldn’t identify his friends that were tagged in photos since that was the only verification process offered to him. So now, he has no other option than to open a new account. Although I am working on a solution to that, hope i find one soonest.

Facebook Temporarily Locked, causes and how to prevent it

Now, have you ever come across same issue as this?

What if you were also given the only verification process to be “identify friends tagged in photo“? What would you do? Especially when you’ve got lots of friends. Will you be able to identify them?


Preventing your Facebook account from being temporarily blocked is better than cure. Reason being that, there could be no cure. So you could ask:

Why Is My Facebook Account Temporarily Locked?

The reason is because someone or you, tried accessing your Facebook account from a region or location not familiar with your Facebook account. This is just a security motive on the part of the social networking platform to curb hacking.

Another factor that could result to this, is the device used.

Yes, sometimes the kind of device you use in accessing your account, could result in your account temporarily blocked.

What Measures Can I Take In other To Prevent My Facebook Account From Being Locked?

We know how much our Facebook friends means to us and it would be very disastrous to wake up one morning to find out that your account is temporarily blocked.

So, in other to prevent this, i have come up with some certain things to avoid.

1. Do Not Access your Facebook Account Using Proxy Servers.

Proxy servers are anonymous IPs used in accessing blocked sites. Using such servers might cause negative effect to your Facebook account.

Although not all proxies affects, proxies unknown to the social networking platform will affect. Hence, i think it’s better you do not use them. Stay on the safe side.

2. Prevent Using Too Many Devices In Accessing Your Facebook Account

Lately, there has been lots of devices that request direct log on to Facebook authorization thus allowing you to sign in to your account.

I am not saying these third-party devices will cause harm but preventing the use of too many will definitely keep you on a safer side.

I think so far so good, these are the common issues that leads to temporary locking of accounts on the social networking platform based on my speculations.

However, i really wonder why Facebook has to fix just one verification process which is very difficult to answer.

I just hope they make things better when next mark does his changes as usual.

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