Importance and How To Create a Facebook Username

Importance Of Having a Facebook Username? You’d find out in a bit. Just be sure to read through.

Yes, this might be a thing of the old, but I am quite sure you will agree with me that 50% of Facebook Users do not know of this. Some do but ask themselves ‘what is the use of a Facebook Username’?

On a social network where there is a lot of people on the platform, what is the easiest way a person could find you? Searching for your name, right?

Now, the fact that you bare a particular name doesn’t mean no one ever will. As a matter of fact, if you go on any popular social network now and search for my name (Samuel Adeniyi), you’d find dozens.

Even on Google, there are lots of Samuel Adeniyis. So, how do we quickly arrive at a particular person’s profile without going through the hustle of searches?

A direct URL to the profile!

You might be asking how?

Importance Of A Facebook Username

Having a Facebook username makes Facebook experience a lot easier.

Importance and how to create a facebook username

Typing your full email address or just your Facebook Username when logging into Facebook, is much easier. Your answer is as true as mine.

Instead of signing in with your full email address, you could just put in your already created username.

Or, how about directing someone to your profile? How do you do that easily without your username?

If you go to it will take you to my profile page. That way, you can easily connect or make contact with me. Now tell me, Isn’t that simple?

I guess with this brief introduction, I have been able to let you know the importance or reason why you should have or create your own Facebook username.


How to create a Facebook Username

The step is simple. When logged in to your account on the social network,
simply write in your address bar and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, create a new tab, and confirm you are logged into your Facebook account. Thereafter, come back here, and link on the username link above.

Doing so, you will be redirected to a page where you will be required to create a username for your profile. If the username is available, hit on Save.

Please NOTE: Usernames on Facebook can only be created once and cannot be changed afterward. So please be careful when creating yours.

Update: Usernames created on the platform can now be changed. However, it’s once in a very long while. I am not sure but maybe once in 60 to 90 days. Again, i am not certain of this time frame.

Hope this helps?

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