How To Access Facebook Full (Desktop Version) Site On Mobile

Seriously, accessing Facebook on mobile is awesome as it consumes lesser data space unlike accessing Facebook desktop (full) version via a computer.

Facebook mobile does not have all the features like the full version. I guess you know about that. If you don’t, isn’t that the reason why you are in need of this tutorial in the first place?

So also, there are some certain features you can do on Facebook full site that you can not do on the mobile version. Should i give you an example? OK, tagging!

You can’t tag a Facebook friend in a comment using mobile and Uhm, please figure out the rest 🙂

Update: Being able to tag friends in comments or posts on Facebook mobile is now possible. All you need do is use the @ function. E.g @Samuel display every of your friends with the name, Samuel. Just type on the prepared person you want to tag.

That is exactly same way it works on desktop too.

Perhaps you would agree with me that navigating through Facebook is more easy and flexible using a PC if you actually know how to use it right?

So tell me, wouldn’t be nice to be able to access Facebook full site (desktop version) on mobile phone?

Ok, enough talks………..Lets move on to the point

How To Access Facebook (Desktop) Full Site On Mobile Device

If you are not yet logged in to your Facebook account on your mobile phone, instead of typing in type this will take to the Facebook full version of the login page like this:

Access Facebook full version login via mobile

There after, go ahead and input your details and click log in.

If already signed in on the social networking platform via mobile, just input in your mobile address bar or click here .You will be taken to:


facebook full site

That’s it!

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hope this helps? If you have any question relating to this, do not hesitate to ask using the comment session. I typically reply as soon as I can.

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