Download The Latest Your Freedom Software Client For PC and Android

Your freedom software as I have earlier stated in one of my previous posts is a tunneling software that allows you to connect to the internet on your computer or allows you to bypass your network restrictions, leaving you with the ability to freely browse the internet or surf anonymously on the internet.

Using the YOUR FREEDOM Software or client comes with two different Options, the PREMIUM, and The Free Package.

Using the Premium package requires you to buy a subscription package from them through online payment means like PayPal, liberty reserve, etc. Details on how to purchase the your-freedom premium package will be posted here shortly.

download your freedom VPN

Using the Free YOUR FREEDOM package requires your local network provider, it requires the usage of free browsing cheats i.e if your network provider supports the usage of free browsing using your-freedom. Just stay glued to TechsNG to get free browsing cheats using your-freedom software when it’s available.

Download Your Freedom Software

Your Freedom software is available for download on Android and PC. You can get the list or options of available servers to download HERE. You can also download the software from that link. It’s highly recommended that you download the full client software.

Download Your Freedom Software App For Android HERE.

For details on How To Set Your-freedom, click HERE

Downloading OpenVPN is also essential as it helps to speed up the software. To download OPEN VPN, click HERE

Hope this helps.

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Update (April 2019)

While going through the archive on this blog, I stumbled on this post which was originally written in 2011, and felt the need to update it.

This post was originally written in 2011. That was 8 years ago. A lot has changed since then and one of those changes includes Your-Freedom no longer valid in this part of the world.

In 2011, Your-freedom PC software was basically used for the sole purpose of being able to browse for free. Asides from being able to surf the internet for free using the software, it aids in surfing the web anonymously.

This soon transcended to no longer being able to browse free, but browse unlimitedLy. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) got smarter. They blocked almost every loophole to be able to browse the internet for free or even unlimited.

Sooner or later, the Your-freedom PC software couldn’t bypass the loopholes. Hence, it gradually became unusual-able. I guess what I am trying to say in essence is, currently, the use of your-freedom isn’t valid anymore. At least, not in this part of the world. Except the purpose is having to surf the internet anonymously.

The software is still handy for the use of VPNs but not for free browsing or anything that relates to free browsing. Currently, there are quite a lot of other relatively cheap data plans you can patronize. Feel free to explore this session. Hopefully, you’d find something that suits your interest.

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Where To Download The Latest Your Freedom Software/client
Description: Your-Freedom software client is a tunneling software that allows you connect to the internet on your computer or allows you to bypass your network restrictions.
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