4 Factors That Causes Slow Internet Connection Speed On Your Network

It’s of no doubt that slow internet connection is what we most times encountered when browsing or surfing the internet. And I must confess, personally, this pisses me off.

You can imagine when doing some very important on the internet and the next thing you encounter is slow internet access. As a result of that, whatever you were doing, now takes too longer than necessary to move to the next page.

Other times, it probably just keeps loading. I know that feeling. Really tiring! But, what can we do?

factors causing slow internet connection speed
Thankfully, after much speculations, i realized that there are some factors that could lead to this internet connection troubles. Care to know what these factors could be? Then read on.

Factors That Could Lead To Slow Internet Connection

1. Climatic Condition

Yes, climatic condition could lead to slow internet. Have ever wondered when there seems to be 3G network connection in one part of your area and there seem to be only EDGE connection in another part?

Have you ever wondered why the internet connection in one geographical area is fast and in the other, it isn’t ? These are due to climatic condition of the area.

2. Network Congestion

Network congestion also curses slow internet. Have you ever asked yourself why is it that the internet speed at night is much faster than that of the day time?

OR, have you ever asked yourself why is the internet connection quite okay in the afternoon and then horrible in the late evenings?

These are due to the network congestion at that time i.e too many people are accessing the internet at that time.

3. Network Problems

This is one factor that is naturally experienced on network service providers. This has to do with their own network service at that particular period.

Have you noticed MTN not having the EDGE sign (E) at a particular period on your phone? Or sometimes there seems the EDGE, 3G sign seems not to be connecting most times? This is network service problems.

4. VPN or Proxy Servers

Does this come as a surprise? Well, if it does, now you know.

Sometimes, the VPN you are using or proxy server you are using, could be responsible for the slow internet connection speed.

We understand that a huge number of times, the reason why most people use VPNs or Proxy servers, is the ability to surf web-page or use the internet anonymously.

Slow internet speed is most likely going to be the cause if using a free VPN. For this reason, it is often advised that you opt in for a premiere service. Some free VPNs are good, obviously. However, as a result of congestion on the server, it could be slow.

To be sure of this, turn off the VPN and try surfing in incognito mode. Faster? Switch your VPN server or proxy server.

So, next time you are experiencing a bad or slow internet connection, you should try to figure out the source before concluding.

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