GLO BIS – Glo New Bis Package For BlackBerry Users, N100 Per day, N1400 per month

Update: GLO BIS plans have been disconnected. You can choose to ignore this post now. Except, of course, if it’s for research purposes, then by all means continue reading.

Gone are those days when you have to pay a high amount of money for a subscription before you can ping, browse and connect with the internet on blackberry phones.

The network providers in Nigeria are really trying to make the use of blackberry more interesting by simply reducing the cost of subscriptions. Just recently, airtel introduced their airtel socialday subscription plan for blackberry users with a cost of only N75. The only disadvantage with this is that it’s only used for social activities like pinging, Facebooking, and Twitter.

Now, Globalcom Nigeria has made blackberry subscriptions cheaper.

Glo BIS Cheapest Internet Data Plan For Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z10

While doing research on the internet, I came across a new Glo bis bundle for blackberry users whereby you only pay N1400 PER MONTH instead of the usual N2800, so if you do your mathematics properly you will realize you only pay half the price.


To subscribe to the new glo bis is very simple. All you need to do is to have credit on your phone then text “complete to 777″ and you will immediately be replied with an sms that reads: Please send: coday for Daily BIS Complete @ N100 Coweek for Weekly BIS Complete @ N400 Comonth for Monthly BIS Complete @ 1400.

Now, the choice is yours to choose which of the glo bis plan you want to subscribe to.

I must say this is a good development in the glo company and I truly commend them for this. Hope some day, they will reduce it to N50 per day or even free lol.



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