Download Netify VPN – Another APK App For Browsing With MTN BIS

Other than glo bis being the trending plan for a relatively affordable surfing experience (even-though some adjustments were recently made), MTN BIS users are flexing ‘almost’ unlimited browsing on their android phone and computers.

MTN BIS working on android phones isn’t a new topic. This has been in existence for a long time now with the use of some android apk apps like simple server, psiphon, netloop VPN amongst others.

mtn bis usage on android and computer

The use of MTN BIS plan on computers ain’t left out as most of those apps have got their PC versions thereby allowing users enjoy the plan on their PC.

Netify VPN is yet another android app that can be used with MTN BIS plan. The whole idea is, if one app doesn’t connect, try another. So, if you are bent on sucking MTN via their BIS plan, it’s important you have these various apps. At least for variety sake.

Features OF Netify VPN

The Netify VPN app is just like the Psiphon app except for the fact that it’s got more features and more active connections. Some of its new features includes:

  • It is completely redesigned with new graphics
  • There is no connection key this time on the notification bar
  • There is no place to add or remove regions or countries but yet, it’s working
  • New icon added.

Where To Download Netify VPN App?

If you want to download the Netify app on your android phone, you can do so using the download button below.

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