How To Leave Or Remove Yourself From A Facebook Group Chat

Are you wondering how you can leave or remove yourself from a Facebook group chat or group conversation in your inbox? That’s exactly what you’d be finding out here on this very post.

Facebook is known to be a really huge social networking site. As a matter of fact, it’s the number one social network. There are billions of people on the platform. That also means different people with different mindset.

I remember quite sometime back, I was tagged or rather added to some kind of conversation or chat on my Facebook inbox by some unknown friends. The funny thing is, the conversation was solely on something I had no interest in.

leave facebook group chat or facebook inbox conversation

This unknown friend didn’t even seek my consent before adding me to the group chat. What they were discussing or conversing about was not of any interest to me, it felt so disturbing that I was getting tired of the whole group chat stuff.

Facebook Group Chat: The Scenario

You can imagine when you sign into your Facebook Account and you realize you’ve got a message or some messages. I am sure you’d feel some kind of anxiety because probably, you thought it was a message from someone you know or who knows you. But when you visit your Facebook inbox page, you realize that the message is a Facebook group chat or conversation. I am sure you often feel betrayed, correct?

Trust me, I used to be in such a situation. As a matter of fact, I am sharing this from my own experience.

This happened to me more than four or five times to the extent that I was getting tired of visiting my Facebook inbox page simply because I didn’t want to read those Non-useful and trashed messages that were becoming more or less like spam messages and to make matters worse, the friends tagged in those group conversations are not known to me and they were much in number (like 70-90 friends added in the conversation) which means constant receiving of new mails because almost everyone wants to say a word and this made me lose some useful messages.

I asked myself “if only I knew how to end this inbox chat so that I don’t receive these messages again… I went into some kind of research on the subject matter and finally got a way out.

Solution To Leave Or Remove Yourself From Facebook Group Chat

Think of this as a WhatsApp Group Chat. One that you weren’t informed about earlier. You know how conversations go on around there, right? That’s exactly how it works with Facebook Grouo chat too.

To opt out or remove yourself from these unwanted conversations going on in your inbox also referred to as Group chats, Just follow these procedures.

If Using Facebook Mobile

If you are on the Facebook mobile platform, follow these steps:

  • When logged into your Facebook Account
  • Go into the group conversation message or group chat you want to opt out of via your Facebook inbox page
  • At the top of the page, you should find an option or box that states ‘Action‘ or ‘select
  • Click on the box and select “Leave Conversation” then below it, select APPLY.

That’s it, you have removed yourself from the group chat or group conversation.

If Using Facebook on Computer Or Web

Using the web version of Facebook, it’s almost the same process as the mobile version of Facebook.

  • When logged into your Facebook Account
  • Goto your Facebook inbox page and enter the group chat or conversation message you want to leave.
  • At the top, locate “option“, (it displays a drop-down message), then select Leave Conversation, then APPLY.

That’s it! You have finally opted out of those group inbox chats. Now you won’t receive those messages again.

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Hope this helps.

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