Download WhatsApp APK Latest Version For Android

Being able to download WhatsApp APK latest version for android is easy. There are three ways around this. This and more, we will be discussing here.

With over 1 billion downloads so far from the google play store, WhatsApp is indeed, the best mobile messaging app. The app isn’t only available on Android, but equally available on iOS and PC.

Yes, you read that right. Being able to use WhatsApp on PC works and you don’t necessarily need an emulator for that to work. There’s a WhatsApp web app however, it requires your phone being equally connected to the internet for it to work.

I will probably put in more details on that. For now, let’s stick to WhatsApp on Android. Before now, we talked on what is whatsapp messenger and what the service entails. In this post, we will be going a bit more detailed.

Download WhatsApp APK Latest Version For Android

To the best of my understanding, there are three ways you can get the latest version of WhatsApp on your android phone. This includes;

  • Download WhatsApp APK via Google Play Store
  • Download WhatsApp APK from third-party sites
  • Get latest version of WhatsApp APK via file sharing apps.

Sounds fascinating, right?

download whatsapp apk latest version for android

Of course!

In this post, we will be guiding you through all the process. We will be discussing how you can get the mobile messaging application via these mediums.

Download WhatsApp Messenger For Android Via Google Play Store

Whatsapp application is available for android via the google play store. The google play store is the official apps market for android phones.

To download WhatsApp on your android phone via google play store, simply launch the play store app, search for WhatsApp, and hit the Install button.

Alternatively, if using your android phone in viewing this page, this link takes you directly to WhatsApp for android page on the play store app.

Download WhatsApp APK for Android Via Third-Party Sites

If for some reason, you ain’t able to use google play store on your android device or perhaps, you are having problems installing the app from the App Store, you can download from a third-party site.

To download WhatsApp apk latest version for android, follow these steps:

  • Go to the latest WhatsApp Messenger APK for android download page HERE
  • Download the app on your phone.
  • After download is complete, choose to install.

Remember you have to enable installation of apps from unknown sources for this to work.

Get WhatsApp Latest APK version via File Sharing Apps

The last but not the least method to get WhatsApp APK Latest version for android, is to get it from a friend via file sharing apps like Xender.

If a friend has the latest version of the app on his/her phone, he/she can send the app to you via the file sharing app.

When the app is received on your phone, simply choose to install. It’s actually that simple.

Having mentioned those, let’s discuss what features the mobile messaging app brings to the table. Let’s discuss what makes the WhatsApp app stand out from other mobile messaging apps like BBM and the likes.

Requirement To Download and Use WhatsApp For Android

To use whatsapp on android, the following requirements needs to be met:

  • Android OS 4.0.3 or above
  • Unlimited internet data plan recommended
  • Tablet devices are not supported

Features Of WhatsApp

Before WhatsApp came to the limelight, BBM was what’s trending. Before WhatsApp, BBM was only exclusive to blackberry users. It was what made blackberry stand out at the time.

However, in a bid to get more market share, blackberry decided to make BBM cross-platform. By that, they decided to make the app before available on other mobile platforms including android.

Smart move, you would think, right?

Well, not exactly. iMessage is still exclusive to iOS and that’s still doing just fine. Asides camera and performance, that’s what makes the iPhone unique.

Blackberry sold off with this move. The move was kinda late. WhatsApp had introduced new features which made the app go mainstream thus making BBM go into extinct.

Now, having mentioned that, let’s look at some of the features the mobile messaging app brings to the table that makes it the most popular app for mobile messaging.

Use Of WhatsApp is Free

Unlike BBM which introduced some premium features at the time, use of WhatsApp is totally free.

People love free stuffs and as such, it makes sense that a lot of people will use WhatsApp for the fact that it’s completely free. No single feature required payment.

However, it wasn’t always free, you know. They used to be a $0.99 charge per year. Too cheap, right? Well, there were even ways you could bypass that bill at the time.

A couple of years after, the app became completely free for use. There is even a business WhatsApp account which to the best of my knowledge, is still completely free to use.

Kinda leaves me to wonder. How exactly does WhatsApp make money?

No Ads

Seeing that WhatsApp doesn’t charge any money for use, one would think the app somehow, incorporate ads to make money. I mean, even google displays ads in its gmail service, right?

Well, no. WhatsApp doesn’t display ads hence, you don’t have to deal with ads when using the service.

Send Multimedia Files

Unlike regular Short Messaging Service (SMS) which comes with some restrictions coupled with higher charges on multimedia files, you can send multiple multimedia files via WhatsApp.

You can send pictures, videos and even different kinds of documents via the messaging app. All that is required, is an active internet connection.

Send Voice Notes

Not comfortable having to type for too long? Well, with WhatsApp, you can send voice notes instead.

This allows you to send a voice message rather than having to type the message. Pretty cool, right?

Type using Voice

This is one feature a lot of people do not know about. On WhatsApp, you can actually compose a message using your voice.

Although almost similar to voice notes (VNs), it’s a bit different. With voice notes, you say stuffs as voice and send.

With the type using voice feature, the application listens to what you say, and presents it in typed format. That way, you can edit if need be, before sending.

It’s a better way to send messages without having to do a lot of typing especially if you do not want to involve sending a voice note.

Free Voice and Video Calls

There was a time when Skype was prominent for video calls. Well, as sad as it is, not anymore.

Why depend on too many apps when you can get it rolling with just one app? That’s where WhatsApp comes to play.

With WhatsApp application for android and iOS, you can initiate free voice and video calls using the service. This wasn’t always the case though. Free calls were introduced a couple of years back on WhatsApp.

So, rather than engage in actual phone calls where money is required, you can go the cheaper route using data.

Group Chat

Want to strike a conversation with more than one person at a time? Group chats is definitely the way to go.

You can simply create a group with those contacts in it and you all get to chat and interact together on that platform.

Stay Logged In

With whatsapp, you don’t have to bother about being logged out. Except you did something shady and your account gets deactivated, you will always stay logged in.

Simply launch the application, send and receive messages. It’s really that simple.

Status Update

Status update has been in WhatsApp since inception. However, that got revamped.

Just like we have instagram stories, Snapchat stories, Facebook stories and the likes, there is WhatsApp status update.

The WhatsApp status update allows you keep up with what’s happening with your contacts. Via this medium, you can view what your contacts are sharing, and they can equally view what you are sharing.

This is one feature that has over time, made users more vested in the app. Kinda made it seem like a big family down there.

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No Need For PIN

Unlike BBM which requires having a pin and thus, can mean more privacy, WhatsApp integrates with your mobile number.

Simply sign up using your mobile number and you can send and receive messages from your contacts. There is absolutely no need having to remember a number or anything of sort.

How To Sign Up For WhatsApp Messenger?

Signing up for whatsapp is super easy. All that is required is a mobile number that is reachable, an internet enabled phone with internet connection. Tablets are currently not supported.

Having got the phone with internet connection in place, follow these steps to sign up:

  • Download WhatsApp messenger from the app store or use the link shared above
  • After download and installation is complete, launch the app.
  • On the first page, read through the terms of service if you want and thereafter, select Agree and continue.
  • Input your phone number and a verification code will be sent to your phone.
  • If using the sim on the exact phone for the registration, whatsapp messenger could detect the code and sign you up automatically. Otherwise, you’d have to manually input the code.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions till registration is complete.

Now, go to your contacts tab and send a message to any of your contacts who is equally on the mobile messaging app.

Cool, right?

We have a few guides on this blog that shows you more some other stuffs you should know about the mobile messaging app. Simply use the search function.

That’s it, Guys. That’s all you need to know about WhatsApp and how to download WhatsApp latest APK version for android. Got questions? Do not hesitate to ask.

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