How To Appear Online On Facebook Chat Only To Selected Friends

Obviously chatting on Facebook is fun if you have quite a number of friends on Facebook who are fun to be with. However, the reverse can be the case if most people on your Facebook friends list are boring.

If a case where your friends keeps popping up saying hi, hello etc and you wish you can simply appear online to only friends you want to chat with on Facebook chat, this is the post for you. On Facebook, you can actually choose to appear online to only the friends you want to appear online to. And quite frankly, this is something I like.

Note: You can choose to appear online to all your friends on chat at anything you sole want to, you can also choose to appear as offline to all friends.

Appear Online On Facebook Chat To selected friends

How To Appear Online Only To Selected Friends On Facebook Chat

The steps are credibly simple. Just follow what I say and I will also help with screen shots for easy understanding, alright?

First, let me add that you don’t need to be on the homepage of your profile before doing this. However, you obviously need to be signed in to your Facebook Account.

1. I am sure you know where the chat window is on the Facebook page. Now, click on it to display the friends online.

2. Do you know the option button there? Ok, it’s the round kind of circle though not really a circle and it is located at the top of the online friends on chat window.

3. Choose advanced settings and a pop out window appears.

4. Choose appear online to selected friends, and below the that option, fill in the name of the friends you want to appear online to.

Yes its quite understanding that you may not know the full names of the friend, just type the first, second and third letters and Facebook automatically brings out the names of friends with that name. Select the ones you want and when done, click Save and that’s it.

You will online appear to be online to those selected friends.

How To Appear Offline To A Facebook Friend Only

The process is every simple and am going to be helping you with screenshots to make it easy to understand.

P.S: Please be aware that these steps can only be done on Facebook full web page on computer, it can’t be done using applications used in accessing Facebook chat service on mobile.

  • When logged  into Facebook on computer and you want to appear offline to a particular friend who seems to be online, simply click on the chat window to display the list of online friends
  • Select the friend you want to appear offline to, this displays a pop up window starting a chat with  the friend
  • Click the chat option icon and click Go offline to ………

see the screenshot below

Hope you get it?

When this is done you will be notified.

To Appear  Online again to the Facebook user, just follow same process but this time choose appear online to…

Hope this helps? got any questions, feel free  to ask using the comment form.

Hope this helps?

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