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Wapdam.com is one of the few resourceful sites for Free Android games downloads, applications, videos, themes, wallpapers and more.

There are literally lots of files you can get off the platform. Using an android phone, Java, or Symbian? Wapdam has got you covered. Visit The Website Here.

Over time, I have written on quite a handful of similar sites. Likes of WapKing, wapday, phoneky, and more. All those are related sites and this mobile download site just happen to be one of the go to platform for free downloads.

What exactly would you like to download to your phone? Music, Games, Videos, Applications, Photos, Sound effects? www.wapdam.com has got you covered.

Getting Started With www.wapdam.com

Upon visiting the mobile downloading site, user navigation is easy and straight to the point. Other than Google Adsense ads being displayed as a means of monetizing the platform, pop-ups and those annoying ads are out of the way.

wapdam games, free music and video downloads www.wapdam.com

Other than the search bar, you’d find the Music Menu, Games, Videos, and Applications. These menus are meant to make navigation easy for users. Of course, there are other menus like Music mp3, wallpapers, and animations.

Scrolling down the page a bit, you’d find updates with today’s date. Other options are solely prioritized as per the kind of phone you use.

Wapdam Music MP3

Under the www.wapdam.com Music MP3 section, there are other sections like New Music, New (Global) Music, Most downloaded Music, and Most downloaded (Global) Music. These sections I believe, are self-explanatory.

New Music: The new Music section clearly displays the latest added music on the wapdam portal. There is actually a long list. As you scroll down to the bottom, new songs are displayed.

New Global Music: This section is more streamlined. It basically displays the latest added global music files. Likes of swalla by Jason Derulo can be found under this section.

Most Downloaded Music: This section clearly displays the most downloaded songs. This section is kinda different the trending songs tab. Based on my inspection, the songs here are categorized locally. Basically as per your ISP.

Most Downloaded (Global) Music: This section clearly displays the most downloaded international songs. Unlike the former, the most downloaded global music section deals solely with international songs. Likes of I’m the one by DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber, See you again by Wiz Khalifa can be found here.

Wapdam Games

The Wapdam Games section comprises of other sub sections. These includes;

  • New Games
  • Most downloaded Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Kid games
  • Action games
  • Racing Games
  • XXX Games
  • Movie games
  • Classic Games
  • Casino Games
  • Platform Games
  • Christmas Games
  • Strategy games
  • Mind games
  • Puzzle games
  • Misc games

The games under these sections are quite easy to access and finally download.

How To Download Files On Wapdam

Downloading files from Wapdam.com is quite simple and straightforward. As earlier mentioned, you need not worry about pop-up ads as seen on sites like FZMovies and most others.

Using music files as a case study, follow the below step:

  1. Navigate to the music file you’d like to download and tap on it.
  2. Tap on Download (song name) mp3. I would recommend you go with the best quality.
  3. Again, tap on proceed to download (song name).mp3
  4. The download should automatically commence at this point.

Can I Download Files On Wapdam.com For iPhone or iPad?

Without having to rumble around words, NO. The iOS operating system has a major limitation. And that’s being unable to download files directly online. You’d have to use iTunes or other transfer services to transfer downloaded files to your iPhone or iPad.

Audiko is another awesome resource for iPhone and iPad users though. You can get free iPhone and iPad ringtones on Audiko.

How To Visit Wapdam.com

Interested in visiting the platform? Just go to www.wapdam.com on your mobile and enjoy a whole new world of downloads.


The site is majorly programmed for mobile view function. For flexible accessibility, kindly use your mobile phone or mobile device in visiting the site.

Update (April, 2019): www.wapdam.com now redirects to waptrick.one. Same applies to wapday. I am not so sure what happened, but it seems as though, wapdam and wapday has formed into waptrick.

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