Facebook Email Address – Importance and How To Find Your Contact Address

I am quite sure that most of us do know what emails are. Email is an acronym for Electronic Mail.

First, let’s analyze what this entails.

What is An Email?

Like I earlier stated, email which is full means to be electronic mail to my understanding is an internet mailbox.

Now, just like we have addresses in the real world so it is in the internet world.

Emails make it possible for internet users to send and receive mails, packages, invoices, receipts etc through the internet to any part of the world through the help of internet servers.

A widely used internet email provider is yahoo mail. I am sure you would agree with me that almost every internet user makes use of yahoo mail for sending and receiving items that are in written form, right?

The Concept Of Facebook Email

I am quite sure that the introduction I have stated above concerning an email, should also give us an insight into what a Facebook email address is.

Importance and how to create a Facebook email address

Well, the social networking platform recently introduced its own means of written communication called

Facebook email

It’s a service on Facebook that allows you receive mails directly into your Facebook inbox page.

How does it work?

It’s simple. An internet user can directly send you emails from any part of the world to your Facebook inbox with the help of your facebook email address.

How Do I Know Or Find My Facebook Email Address?

  • When logged into your Facebook account, visit the settings page at the top right side of the homepage by simply clicking on the Down Arrow Sign immediately after your profile name.
  • When the drop-down menu appears, click on settings and you will be taken to your profile settings page
  • On your settings page, simply locate your email settings and click on it. There you should find your Facebook email address.


Your Facebook email address is normally represented with your Facebook Username. For instance, my Facebook username is iamsamueladeniyi. Knowing this, my Facebook email address is iamsamueladeniyi@facebook.com.

Messages sent to those email addresses are often sent or received in your messenger account. From there, you can decide to either reply or ignore.

Hope you can dictate your Facebook email address.


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