How To Add Alt Text To Images On Blogger Blog For SEO Ranking

Are you running a Blog created a blogger also called blogspot and you are wondering how to add ALT text to images? This post will certainly show you how it’s done.

If you have a blog and hoping to optimize your post for search engines with the aim of getting more traffic, then you might have probably read that adding alt text to your images is very essential in search engine optimization.

Reason for this is, Google and other search engine bots cannot read contains in an image. Hence, for them to better understand what the image is about, the ALT text needs to be added.

The Alt text allows google bot and other search engine bot understand what the image is about and that’s why it’s necessary you add alt texts to every image uploaded on your blog.

Note This When Adding Alt Text To Images

If you’ve read so much on SEO, then you probably know what i am about to say. If otherwise, welcome on-board.

how to add alt text to images on blogger blog

It is always advisable that when adding alt text to your blog images in a post, you should always use the keywords you are targeting in them. This should best explain what the post is actually about.

If you’ve been reading on SEO or you understand the concept of SEO (search engine optimization), then you should know what keywords are. However, If you don’t, keywords are terms you aim to rank for. That’s the simplest explanation you can get.

If you want your blog to grow in terms of traffic and SEO ranking, these are terms you should be vast on.

For example if you are writing a post on Get updated information on, you can actually set your post image alt text to information or something similar. If you aim to rank for get updated information, that should be included in the alt tags.

Be careful though. You do not want to overdo as that could raise some red flags and instead of ranking, it could hurt you. You understand?

Having cleared that out, let’s talk on the main subject matter.

How To Add Alt Text To Post Images

First, let me clarify something here. Alt text actually means alternative text. Alt is just an abbreviated version of the word ‘Alternative’.

To add a alt text, first upload an image to your blog post and click on the image once.

upload image to blogger post

Click on Properties as illustrated in the image above, a new window appears as this:

add alt text to image on blogger

In the alt text box, input your keyword or what the image is about, and click on OK. As earlier mentioned, this is important to help your blog post SEO rank.

It’s that simple.

hope this helps?

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