PayPal Now Accept Nigerians – How To Create A Nigeria PayPal Account Legally

Before now, the only way to operate and use a paypal account as A Nigerian is via ways i would describe as tricky. The process is pretty long and unsecured. A lot of account via such means ended up been frozen even with funds in it. I happened to be in such mess. One of those process involved using a paypal VPN software which changes your IP and make it seem like you are from the United States and afterwards, you create an account with the country as United States and you verify the account via VCC card or sorts but like i said earlier, the means is more like taking a risk.

Funny thing with paypal is, the account won’t be frozed if there isn’t any fund in it but when there is, it could be frozen and which means, the money in it is gone unless you have the requirement to prove you are a United States citizen. Like i stated earlier, i was also in such mess. Although i used the account for a while in sending and receiving funds but it got limited with little funds in it and i ended up wanting not to bother myself with a paypal account anymore.

paypal now accept Nigeria in their service

Oh well, thank God there’s a good news for Nigerians. Nigeria is now officially accepted in the PayPal program and its now legitimate to open a paypal account as a Nigerian. Big thanks to those who pushed the petition for paypal to be brought to Nigeria.

Initially, according to a report on Reuters, it was said that paypal will be bringing its service to Nigeria on Tuesday 17th. Through out tuesday 17th, I couldn’t find Nigeria in the list of countries until early this morning when i decided and check and i successfully created mine.

PayPal has officially announced via a statement, that its service has been extended to over 10 new countries which included Nigeria. Having known this, lets proceed on knowing how to create a Nigeria Paypal account legally.

How To Create A PayPal Account Legally In Nigeria

Knowing that Nigeria is among the country list, creating and owning a paypal account is pretty easy.


Visit and click on Sign Up
Under country or region, select Nigeria. If you are an individual, select Open an Account below that line or if you are opening the account under a business name, click ‘Open an Account‘ under the business line.

create paypal account from Nigeria

Fill out the information on the form and when done, Click on Agree and Create Account.

As at the time of posting this, it wasn’t possible for me to link my credit card to my paypal account. Guess that’s an issue to be fixed in subsequent days or weeks, hence you can choose to try it out or just skip to go to your account.

newly created nigeria paypal account

Limitations to Nigeria PayPal Accounts

Currently, since the service is new, there are limitations like linking bank account, verifying the account with a credit card and receiving payment. However, this should be fixed hopefully in due course.

We’ve always wished for PayPal to be available in Nigeria and now, we have it legally without any tricky means to creating and owning a paypal account.

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