How To Change 2go Phone Number Used In Signing Up

Oh yes, changing the 2go phone number you initially used in signing up or creating a 2go account is pretty easy to achieve now following the changes that was made by the 2go team.

This process isn’t new. It has been around for a long time now so please don’t get the impression that iam late on this information lol. A couple of times, users of the chat app have often asked how they could change their phone number used in registration or signing on 2go.

After giving the solution, some still think it is scam and wouldn’t want to undergo the process but that isn’t true. I am not asking you to go through any website other than the official 2go website.

Changing 2go Phone Number Used In Signing Up

Just so you know, there are many downsides to using a 2go account not attached to it’s correct phone number. One of the most obvious is the inability to purchase 2go credit.

how to change 2go phone number

That’s one of the basic reasons to why users often complain of not receiving their bought gocredit.

I personally get that complain every now and then. To change the 2go phone number used in creating the account in the first place, follow these steps.


  • Using your mobile browser (the process cannot be used using a computer), go to
  • When fully loaded, look at the address bar and you should see some characters added after the Example of such characters could be s/ZZBDjfagdhdhhIAN.
  • Now, do not delete any of those characters. Just leave it the way it is. Scroll to the end of the character and add /change.php and click go or OK depending on the kind of phone or browser you use.
  • When fully loaded, you would be presented with a form where you will be required to fill in some vital in formations. These information are: Full Name, Username, First 3 letters of your password or PIN, Current phone number used on the 2go account and the new phone number you want to change to.
  • When done filling the form, just click on Proceed and you are good to go.

If the process was successful, you should get a notification to that effect.

What Next After Successfully Editing 2go Phone Number?

If the process was successful, there is nothing much to be done anymore. Just log in to your account with your known working username and password and you are good to go. If you want to further confirm the editing process, you can request a password reset.

When requesting a password reset, input the newly changed number. Not the old one.

In subsequent posts, I will be writing on how to change location on 2go, known issues to why you didn’t get the gocredit you bought and other 2go issues alongside solution.

However, the steps outlined above is the basic way to change your 2go phone number used in creating the 2go account. If along the line, you still experience any difficulty, be sure to communicate using the comment session.

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