Simple Trick To Get 5000 Active Friends On Facebook Fast and Easy

First and foremost, did I sorta raise your hopes when I said how to get 5000 active friends on Facebook easily? Well, it’s definitely sorta easy for me and I have no idea what the definition of easy means to you.

It’s actually been a while now since I always wanted to write about how to get Active friends on Facebook. I guess issues on how to relay it has been sorta holding me back but not to worry, here you have it and I am pretty sure it’s gonna come in handy.

If you are a blogger who craves to get more social media traffic to your blog, I would advise you to adhere to the trick I will be posting here. Sincerely, I will advise you to forget about the fact that Facebook is used ONLY for hooking up with old friends. Of course, we need new friends to get more traffic to our blog. Not just new friends, but active friends.

The trick actually involves sending friend requests to a lot of people. Now, I know you are probably scared of being banned from sending friend requests but hey, Facebook only bans you if you have a lot of sent friend requests that were unconfirmed or you sent too many friend requests within a short space of time.

How to Get 5000 active facebook friends

The trick here is being careful. Being careful not to send too many requests that go unattended. Here, I will be showing you how to go about that.

Having known that, we sure don’t want to get banned from sending friend requests, right? Good. Then we have to work in a way that most of our sent friend requests (if not all) are being accepted coupled with the fact that we only do it occasionally (From time to time).

Steps To Getting 5000 Active Friends On Facebook Fast

Getting 5000 active friends on Facebook is easy – and fast too. Here, I will be giving you a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this with ease. Let’s get right on to it!

Step 1: Use A Beautiful Or Cute Picture Of You As Your Main Profile Pics

This is the first thing you should do. Let me ask you a question. When someone sends you a friend request on Facebook, do you just accept without looking at their profile?

Assuming you’d look at their profile, what is the first thing you look at? Their profile picture, correct? Great!

That’s the catch. Females are at better luck with this but hey, I am not asking you to disguise. Just keep it real and be sure to use pics of yours that anybody would check on and wouldn’t mind being your friend.

Having just one beautiful or cute picture wouldn’t do. I personally wouldn’t accept the request from someone who’s got just one picture, no matter how beautiful or cute the picture is.

Hence, you should put up between 20 or even more pictures on your profile. You should, however, use the best as your profile picture.

Step 2: Add Few Number Of Friends Who Have A lot Of Active Friends

The idea here isn’t just adding friends. Instead, you should look out for a few people who have got a lot of active friends. Active in this case, these people have a lot of people reacting to their status updates. A lot of people like and comment on their status updates and photo uploads.

Those are the kind of people you should add up first in this journey. Of course, that’s after putting up a profile picture that’s very inviting.

Step 3: Add Up Their Active Friends

This is the main point. After adding a few of those people with active friends or followers, wait for their status updates or photo upload and just begin adding anyone that likes and comments on their posts.

You shouldn’t do this for the previous post of theirs especially if the update has been quite a while. But, the moment they update their status, begin to add anyone that likes and comments on their post. Be careful to keep the number of daily sent friend requests to a minimum. About 20 to 40 friend request a day seems like a good number.

The gimmick is, there’s a huge chance of those people commenting and liking, to be active members of the platform.

Doing the above, as long as the friends of those popular peeps become your friend on Facebook, there’s 80% assurance that those friends are active. At least, they still log into their accounts daily and will be able to see your own updates and possibly be interested in them.

Step 4: Post Meaningful Updates Regularly

Now, this probably isn’t gonna be the time to start feeding your friends with links on your timeline. They would probably perceive you to be a spammer, and the moment that happens, they’d most likely unfriend you.

To avoid that, first, start off by giving them a reason to stay. A reason to still be friends with you on the social platform. Post jokes occasionally – Of course, everyone wants to laugh and I am sure they would appreciate you for that.

Keep doing so and in a matter of days or weeks, you should attain your 5000 active friends milestone on Facebook.

There you have it. That’s my self-inventory method for getting thousands of active friends on Facebook and I am sure it is going to work for you. Just have in mind that the social network has a friend limit number of 5000.

In subsequent posts, I will be writing about how to get more likes on your Facebook status updates or picture updates. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t want to miss that too.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉