2go Account Suspended – My Effort So Far To Contacting 2go Support Team

For some time now, I have often been receiving comments from 2go users based on the fact that their 2go account was suspended. Precisely a few days ago, these kinda comments increased drastically. It seemed more like a lot of accounts were suspended. Apart from comments on the related blog post, a lot of readers sent messages complaining of the fact that their 2go account was suspended without violating the terms and all of them wanted a solution in regards to gaining access back to their account.

Following the comments that were posted, most of them think I(Samuel Adeniy) am a 2go staff hence, they have been relaying all their complaints specifically to me. Some went as far as posting their account username and password. Of course, I didn’t approve such comments.

I didn’t approve of those comments because I wouldn’t want to start getting complaints about accounts being hacked.

You might be wondering why but it’s basically to protect the interest of the 2go user and prevent unauthorized usage to the account. Some even use the avenue to advertise their procrastination in being able to restore a suspended account and of course, I know they are only trying to defraud users and for that reason, I choose not to approve their comment as well.

2go account suspended possible fixes

Now, some pointed out that I was fake and wouldn’t do anything to assist my readers based on their complaints and that’s what this post is about.

Reasons To Why Your 2go Account Was Suspended

Just before I go over to stating measures I have taken to reach the 2go team, I’d like to point out some possible reasons to why a 2go account could be suspended.

First and foremost, let me officially make it known that I(Samuel Adeniyi), am not a 2go staff. I am just a user of the messaging app who understands some things about the app and shares them here on this blog.

Here, I will be sharing my reasons as to why your 2go account was suspended.

Wrong Account Profile Details

One of the possible reasons to why a 2go account could be suspended is due to wrong profile details. Most users tend to use fake or incorrect names in filling the fields where they are asked ‘Name, Surname and others’.

Violate 2go Terms

If you are very sure of the fact that you filled in your correct profile details when signing up for the account and yet your account was suspended, then you may have violated 2go terms knowingly or unknowingly.  I would advise you to check out their terms to confirm whether or not you may have violated them.

Account Inactivity

I don’t know how true this is, but there is a reason to believe that the team occasionally deletes or suspends accounts that have been inactive over a long period of time.

Having known all this, I’d like to state some measures I have taken to reach the 2go support team regarding this blog reader’s complaints.

Report On Efforts Taken To Reaching 2go Support Team

The basic reason to why I am stating this is to clear the minds of those who think I am doing nothing regarding their complaint.

Following the message received by those whose accounts were suspended, it was stated that the support email address is [email protected].

I sent a message to [email protected] few days back and up till now. I haven’t got a response from them. My message to the email address reads thus:


My name is Samuel, I am a blogger. Please for some time now, i have been receiving a lot of comments and calls from my readers asking how they could get their account back after been suspended. I personally do not have a clear answer to this and that is why i decided to get in touch with your company to know how a user can actually get his/her account reinstated after been suspended.

Some claim their account were being suspended without any violation and some admitted to have violated. Whatever the case may be, please i apologize on their behave and would like to know if an account can be reinstated after being suspended and if yes, please guild me on how, so i could share with my blog readers.


Other Further Efforts At Reaching The 2go Support Team

Precisely 2 days ago, I visited the main website at www.2go.im and used the contact form in sending the same message and up till now, I still haven’t received a response from them.

Yesterday, I went through their social media accounts, tweeted at 2gomessenger using Twitter, and sent a message to the official page on Facebook, and up till now, no response from the team.

A few hours back, I used whois in getting the domain registration details and not many details were shown. The only email address I was able to find from the whois record is [email protected] I also sent an email address to that email and up-till now, still no response.

I will be posting an update here if I get a response from the team. Now, for those whose 2go accounts were suspended, please be aware that I am making efforts and all I need is your support.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉