Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone Fake Vs Original Review – How To Spot The Difference

Okay now, it has finally come to the point where I have to put up a detailed post in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S4 cloned fake version and the original version.

A few days ago, I wrote exclusively about how I was scammed by a seller from olx who exchanged my Original Samsung Galaxy Note for a fake cloned Galaxy S4. To be candid, this Galaxy S4 sucks. I even prefer a Nokia torch light phone to it. Yes, it probably sounds funny but I mean it.

I am currently thinking of buying another android phone because as it is now, I have no other option. I just can’t continue with this fake cloned phone for now. Not ever.

Now, just before I go over to the subject matter of how to spot the difference between the Original Samsung Galaxy S4 and the fake version, let me point it out that the Galaxy S4 isn’t the only cloned version in the market.

After the ugly incident that happened to me on the subject matter, it was realized that there is a cloned version for Galaxy S5 also. Not only that, there is a cloned version for the Galaxy S3, HTC phones, and others. Even the Samsung Note series has also got a clone version.

Simply put, our Chinese brothers are not resting. They are not even taking chances.

Following this development, it is strongly advisable that you buy your phones from reputable organizations or reputable stores. If you must buy from local merchants, then you shouldn’t go alone.

Go with someone who has got enough ideas when it comes to understanding and operating mobile devices. It’s even better if you go with someone who is experienced on these kind of things. Remember the saying, ‘only a mad man, understands a mad man‘? Apply that wisdom.

Thankfully, this post should set you going as it will aid you in making decisions. Just bookmark this page and try out the tricks when making purchase(s).

Do not be quick to getting a device and zooming out of the place like i did. Take time to explore what you want to buy before you pay for it. It’s your right.

Spotting The Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S4 Original and Fake Clone Version

As I earlier stated, I kinda prefer a Nokia torch light device to the fake version of the Galaxy S4. I know you gonna be asking why but I am sure if you read to the very last of this post, you will understand why.

Now, first and foremost, let me state the specifications for the cloned Samsung Galaxy G4 according to the Antutu Tester app:

  • Phone Model: Galaxy S4
  • Phone Brands: sprd
  • CPU Model: Dual-Core ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v71)
  • CPU Frequency: 1024.00
  • CPU Manufacturers: MT6589
  • Internal Ram:(Available/Total) : 47/217MB
  • Internal ROM:(Available/Total) : 70/180MB
  • External SD Card:(Used/All) : 1398/1879MB
  • Android OS Version: 4.2.2
  • Version: MocorDroid4.4.4.W12.20_P20.01
  • Screen Resolution: 480 X 854

Properly accessing the device information above according to the Antutu tester app installed on the phone, clearly states that the phone has a total RAM size of 217MB which makes it slower than 90% of android phones in the market.

samsung galaxy s4 original vs fake

The original version of this device comes with a Total RAM Size of 2GB. Imagine the difference! Lawd!

Problems With The Cloned Version Of Samsung Galaxy S4 Fake Version Vs Original Galaxy S4

1. Physical Appearance

This is the first part that deceived me. The appearance of the cloned Galaxy S4 is no different from that of the original. If Physical appearance is what you are looking to judge by, I am afraid you will find none.

Except you do some FBI investigation online before heading to the scene of the phone purchase.

2. Touch Screen Functionality

We always believe that China versions of mobile phones are easy to spot using their touchscreen functionality but, I am afraid it isn’t so with the china cloned version of the Galaxy S4.

The touch screen works very well that you won’t be able to spot any difference between both of them.

2. RAM Size

As earlier stated, the cloned version of the Galaxy S4 has a total size of 217MB which is nothing compared to the original version which has a total ram size of 2GB.

The 217MB makes the phone hang more frequently than you can imagine. You don’t get to run more than 2 apps at a time. Depending on the app you are running, you could encounter an app error leaving you with two options, force close or wait. That won’t happen with a RAM size of 2GB in the case of the original version.

Having said that, it is very necessary to check the ram size of an android phone before purchasing it. Make sure it isn’t different from the specifications posted online. The question.

How do I check the RAM size of an android device?

It’s simple. Simply navigate to settings > More > Applications > Manage Applications. On that page, you should see the total ram size used and the total ram sized not used. This, however, can be manipulated.

You can simply download and install Antutu tester and that will give you more detailed information about the device. Therein, you should find the RAM size.

3. Google Play Store App

Google play store app is present on the device but it’s more like a figurehead. It’s launch-able but doesn’t really download. It’s totally different from the Google play store interface that you and I know about.

Just click on any of the files shown and choose to download. It will just be looking at you like a man watching a boring football match and wouldn’t want any form of distraction. No download is going to commence.

This is very unlike the original version. Google Play store will even request login details at first initialization but that doesn’t come up with the cloned version.

4. Samsung Apps

Virtually all Samsung Android phones comes with the Samsung market called Samsung Apps pre-installed on them. It’s actually same for the fake cloned version except for the fact that upon launching the app, you’d see a different name called PlayAPP and no longer Samsung Apps.

You can actually download from the PlayApp application to the phone but no service update or log in details is required unlike the official Samsung Apps market app.

5. Inbuilt Memory

Just like the original Galaxy S4 devices which comes in different storage capacity ranging from 16GB to 64GB, the fake cloned version comes with mostly 16GB. However, this shows inbuilt memory is just a figurehead.

You cannot download nor store any file in the phone’s memory. Files can only be saved to a memory card which implies that a memory card needed to be present in the device.

How To Check Inbuilt Storage Capacity?

You can check the storage capacity of a Samsung Phone by navigating to Settings > More > Storage. For an original Samsung phone, you’d see a break down on the amount of storage capacity a group file has used. For example, Pictures (1GB) Music (4GB) etc but in the case of the fake cloned version, the storage capacity is shown plain like a stick mounted down into sand.

6. Functionality

Samsung will always be Samsung. There are some features of Samsung mobiles that cloned version can never have. Checking through the functionality on the cloned S4, most of them are just there for sampling.

Tapping on them doesn’t make any move. On original Samsung android phones, there’s a motion gesture that allows you to swipe through your phone screen with the side of your pam to automatically take a screenshot but that cannot be achieved on the fake.

Now I know I have given too many differences and reviews between the original Samsung galaxy s4 and the fake clone version.

This post is really long (Over 1200+ words). But, I am doing it for the benefit of my esteemed readers. I know how it feels like to be sold a device that isn’t what you think it is. Especially if it’s giving you too many problems and depriving you of the benefit of enjoying your hard-earned money.

I really do feel bad for losing my original Samsung galaxy note for a fake phone and I wouldn’t want you to experience the same. Please kindly take out time to share this post on your social network accounts to aid others. You are helping others by doing that.

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