Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Got A China Cloned Fake Version – My Experience

I have learnt a lesson and in a way i am not proud of. No one would have thought that Samuel Adeniyi who runs TechsNG blog and writes on tech related stuffs would fall for this kinda game but i actually did.

Now, just before you probably start ruining blessings on me, let me admit that it was really my fault. I guess I allowed anxiety took the better part of me.

You know that awkward feeling when you are exchanging your Korean Version of Samsung Galaxy note for the much talked about Samsung Galaxy S4. Same kinda feeling took over me which led me into a wrong deal which I don’t feel happy about.

The only benefit out of the whole process is the fact that i learnt something new which I could share with my esteemed readers.

For those who don’t know, let me officially make it clear that there is a China cloned version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. This cloned version can best be described as Fake. I am not just gonna say that and end it there. Wouldn’t you wanna know how it all happened? I’m sure you do and I’m going to state it all here.

My Mindset

Being the techie kinda guy, owning a smartphone goes beyond using the phone for its basic functions. As you probably know, the basic functions of a phone is to make and receive calls, send and receive messages.

If using a sophisticated phone, browsing and downloading occasionally in this present age could be described also as basic functions. To me, i use a smartphone much more than the basic functionality. I love exploring a phone and that’s why I love android OS more than any other OS because it is Open Source.

samsung galaxy s4 china clone

I love using a smartphone for its advanced functionality. Advanced functionality could be rooting, installing custom roms and sorts. I just love my device being extraordinary than the ordinary so that i could be able to write about it like I always do using my blog.

Owing to this fact, I got the Samsung Galaxy Note like two months ago. I tried rooting it but encountered a lot of problems with the firmware which i was able to repair. I tried rooting twice and experienced same problems. Having experienced the problem twice, I fixed it and then it dawned on me that the phone couldn’t be rooted.

I wasn’t happy about it as it felt like the phone was boring. Hence, I felt the need to exchange it with someone who isn’t so techie. Mind you, the phone had no faults, whatsoever.

Being the kinda guy who isn’t really outgoing courtesy of me being an introvert, OLX Nigeria was my best resort.

How It Happened

I checked in on OLX and saw a couple of recent ADS as usual. I actually saw an offer which sorta slip me off my feet.

A Samsung Galaxy S4 phone selling for just 27000 Naira. I was quite overwhelmed and quickly reached the seller over the phone. He claimed the phone had no issues whatsoever. He even claimed that his sister living overseas sent it to him for his wife but the wife didn’t like it and that’s why he is selling it off at that price (Yes, i am quite quick to trusting people).

I told him how about i give him my Samsung galaxy note and add up money to get the S4 and he accepted. Luckily for me, I had lost my ATM the previous day and since it was a Sunday, there was no way I can get to the bank to make withdrawals and for that reason, i told him i will come collect it during the course of the week.

He said it only shows that I am not so serious about getting it and i tried making him understand the situation of things. He said we should still meet up and exchange the phones and if the wife likes it, i will give him the money during the course of the week and I was like ‘Woooah! What a considerable person.

How I Swapped My Beloved Samsung Galaxy Note For A Fake Galaxy S4 Phone

Within 20mins or there about, he has made way to the eatery where we had planned to meet. He showed me the phone and I showed it to a fellow blogger who was using a Samsung Galaxy S3.

He kinda confirmed it to be okay going by the phone details. I also confirmed it to be cool because the touch screen functionality works very well like a normal Samsung phone. Going to settings > More > About Phone, It showed Model Number as GT-I9500, android version 4.2.2 and other details which made it seem like truly an original Samsung phone.

The seller was acting like he was in a hurry, since we had confirmed what we wanted to confirm, we decided to exchange sims and part ways.

On getting home, i took a deep breath and decided to start exploring my new acquired Samsung Galaxy S4 only to start experiencing issues i never expected a highly sophisticated S4 to. I looked closely at some of the functionality and saw that they were just figure heads and not really performing. I tried calling the man and he wasn’t picking my calls anymore.

So there you have it. That’s how I exchanged my beloved Galaxy Note for a Fake Samsung Galaxy S4 which is worse than I ever imagine being a techie kinda person.

Some people suggested I sell it same way it was sold to me but i refused because i feel it isn’t right. It is better to dash it to someone who uses a phone for its basic function than selling it to someone who is naive just the same way I was.

Having said all those, I will be posting details on how to differentiate the original Samsung galaxy s4 from the fake. So, (In Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s voice) Until then, keep living in the atmosphere of miracles.

Update: I have posted the details on how to differentiate the original Samsung Galaxy S4 from the fake and I explained all of it HERE. I highly suggest you check that content out.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉