Fix Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160s Korean Version SMS Limit

Recently, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note and as usual, for every device I buy or use for a while, I would sure love to explore and write some tutorials on them.

Upon buying my Samsung Galaxy Note in the market, I didn’t know it was the Korean version until I got home and tried rooting it. The Korean version of the Samsung Galaxy note has got some limits.

One of these limits is the SMS feature. Ordinarily, the limit for one text message sent is 160 characters. But on the Korean version of Samsung galaxy note, its limited to just 80 characters.

How can I possibly make a point to someone via text message with just 80 characters allowed? The annoying part is the fact that, if a word exceeds the 80 character limit, it automatically turns to an MMS instead of page 2 of SMS.

Obviously, I couldn’t live with this hence, I needed to seek a solution.

For all Samsung Galaxy note users using the Korean version of the device, I have got a solution for you all. Specifically, the version of my device is shv-e160s. It should however, work on any device.

Solution To SMS character limit on Samsung Galaxy Note Korean Version

fix samsung galaxy note sms limit

To simple solution to this problem is the use of third-party messaging app. Examples are gosmspro and hangout.

Personally, I have been using hangout for a while now and its been working well. Trust me when i say I’d send a good number of SMS daily lately and hangout works well in setting the limits off.

Steps  To Follow

Step#1. Download hangout from Google play store

Step#2. Upon launching for the first time, choose to use hangout as the SMS application by turning the feature on

Step#3. You are required to have a Gmail account before you can enjoy using the app.

Step#4. Follow the onscreen instruction and begin sending your messages via hangout instead of the default messaging application.

The better part of using hangout is the fact that it gives you some sense of privacy. For those who don’t like people peeping into their messages, you probably wouldn’t have people seeing your messages since ordinarily, they would go into your message folder not knowing that messages are being stored on hangout.

If you are not cool with using hangout because of the necessity of a Gmail account, you can use alternatives like go sms pro or any other good one.

Try that and let me know how it goes for you. In subsequent posts, I will be writing on more tutorials related to the Samsung galaxy note and possible solutions to common problems.

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