Review : Cheapest & Best Internet Plans For PC and Android Users

It’s the month of September and I am here to give a review on the cheapest and best data plans for android and PC users.

First and foremost, let me use the opportunity in wishing you a happy new month. This is the beginning of MBER season and may it bring good tidings to our household in Jesus Name……Do I get an amen?

Now, back to the main subject matter. It’s no longer news that data subscription in Nigeria isn’t something to ignore.

Even though we still have to pay the required bills most times, we tend to get lesser than we expect in terms of network services being rendered. Having said that, we still cannot ignore the use of internet. It has become a part of our everyday living.

The fact that you are here reading this post, you obviously accessed the internet and you did that using data connection regardless of which ISP.

I am basically going to be giving this review based on what I have used and trusted to be the cheapest. Best internet connection in Nigeria sure depends on your geographical location.

MTN could be good in my area while it sucks in yours. But cheapest could apply to any geographical location hence, let’s go with the word ‘cheapest’.

cheapest internet plans for android and PC

Cheapest and Best Data Plans For PC

If you browse basically on your PC, be it laptop or desktop, using airtel could be the best bet. If you, fortunately, use a bb10 phone, then Glo should come in handy.

Airtel Cheapest Data Plans

Use of airtel blackberry plans on my laptop still works very well for me. With just N1500, I get a data plan of 4GB which validates for 2 months.

The only problem with this subscription is the fact that it doesn’t work on all Airtel sims but then, there’s no harm in trying.

If you are interested in subscribing to the Airtel 4GB blackberry plan for N1500, simply dial *440*161#.

Update: Airtel now offers unlimited data plans. This post explains all you need to know regarding the data plans. I’d recommend checking that post out.

Glo Cheapest Data Bundle

If using a bb10 phone, you can opt-in for the Glo BIS plan. You get 3GB of data for just 1000. You can share the connection to your PC by simply activating the hotspot feature on your bb10 and connecting your PC via wireless.

Update: GLO BIS plan is no longer valid today. Instead, you should check out these updated glo data plans which are still valid today.

Cheapest Data Plan For Android Phones

I don’t think this is any different from the plans for PC. Unless just some little touches.


Depending on what you use your android phone for basically, there’s a data plan that allows you to pay just N100 per week and N300 per month. But you won’t be able to access an internet connection on most apps like the default browser (Opera mini solicits for this), Google Play Store, and a couple of others.

However, you can still make sure of BBM, Whatsapp, and Facebook App. You can get more information on this plan and how to subscribe Here.


Glo BIS still works flawlessly on most android phones. I have personally confirmed glo bis plan working on Tecno and Gioneer. Whether or not it works on other android brands is what I really cannot ascertain but if using a bb10 phone, you can share the connection via hotspot and use on any android phone with wireless feature. You can get more information about that Here.

Best Internet Connection For Browsing On PC and Android

As earlier stated, this solely depends on your geographical location. Most peeps have been complaining about the glo network and I am not saying anything different.

Glo network for browsing with 3G during the daytime has been a nightmare for some weeks now if not months. The only time I enjoy my glo subscription is during night times.

This actually lead me to using airtel during the day time and glo if I choose to browse at night. This is just my personal experience, your location might say something different.

Updated in 2018, I now use spectranet. Spectranet offers 40GB with free unlimited night browsing (1:00am to 7:00am) for NGN12,500. This might not be recommended for those who do not use data for business.

In summary, these are the valid data plans for 2018 you should check out:

Have you got other cheap and best internet subscription plans to counter the ones I already mentioned above?

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