How To Share Computer Internet Connection To Other Devices Via Hotspot

For some time now, i have always been having difficulty with really using my laptop computer internet connection as hotspot in other to browse with other devices around me.

As at the last time i gave it more try, the software i knew then was ‘connectify‘. I often read how people always recommended connectify but the truth is, it didn’t work for more.

Besides, connectify isn’t free anymore. They charge bills i would describe as being high. Why would i want to pay for a software to perform a particular feature that another free software can do.

As usual, i went into exclusive research and came across two software which worked well in share my computer’s internet connection to other devices via Hotspot. Doing this, my tablet and android are able to connect to the connection via wireless.

Considering the cost of internet connection and data in the country, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use one subscription across all your device.

You can actually browse and chat with the subscription shared from your PC to your android phone. You can even do everything a normal subscription can do and maybe more.

For those using a blackberry 10 phone or any other device that requires wireless network in other to download and update OS, these should come in handy.

how to share computer internet connection with other devices


Softwares To Use In Sharing Computer Internet Connection Via Hotspot To Other Devices

1. MyPublic Wifi

This is the first software i tried out and it worked as expected. MyPublicWiFi Turns your computer into a WiFi Access Point with Firewall and URL Tracking.

What this means is that, not only can you share your PC internet connection via this software, you can also track the URLs that devices connected to your connection, surf through. You can download MyPublic Wifi Here.

2. Virtual Router

This is a software that turns any Windows 8, Windows 7 or 2008 R2 computer into a Wifi Hot Spot using Windows’ Wireless Hosted Network (Virtual Wifi) technology.

Unlike MyPublic Wifi, this does not track URLs visited to connected device, neither does it have much options but it’s much easier to work with. You can download Virtual Router.

How To Configure To Share Computer Internet Connection Via HotSpot

They are both pretty easy to configure. If you want something simple, you can opt in for Virtual Resource but if you need more control over your hotspot connection, you should opt in for MyPublic Wifi.

If using Virtual Router, configure using the following settings:

==> Download Virtual Router from the link given above,
==> Install it on your Windows Computer
==> Open the Virtual Router Manager and type in a Network Name (SSID). It could be techsng or something else. Also type in a password. It should be at least, 8 characters and please remember this password because it will be required by other devices when they try connection to your PC connection via Wireless. Select the internet connection you want to share.
==> Now click start Virtual Router Manager. When successful, turn on the wifi on the device you want to connect, select your PC internet connection name, enter the password, and connect.

Best of lucks in sharing your PC computer internet connection with other devices but remember to use a password that only you can actually remember to avoid unauthorized usage of your data.

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