Download And Install Instagram On Blackberry 10 Phone (Q10, Z10, Q5, Z3)

It’s actually been a while now since i always wanted to give a detailed guide on how to download and install instagram on blackberry 10 phones. For some reasons it has always escaped my mind till a friend brought it to my notice again when he said he’d like to know how.

Ordinarily, you might wanna ask why such tutorial? If you are using a blackberry 10 phone like a Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30 or something similar, you are probably aware of the fact that Instagram is not available in the blackberry world.

Hence, it won’t be wrong to speculate that the app isn’t supported on blackberry 10 phones. But, are you aware that you can actually install android apps on your blackberry 10 phone? If No, i take it that you must have missed this post where i talked very much on that.

download and install instagram on blackberry 10 phone

Knowing that android apps can be installed on blackberry 10 phones without side-loading, its very much easy to download and install instagram on a blackberry 10 phone. I currently have the app running on my bb10 phone and it is working well without any bug. You too can do the same and that’s what this post is entirely all about.

Steps To Download And Install Instagram On Blackberry 10 Phones

Having said that android apps can easily be installed by just downloading on your bb10 phone, downloading and installing instagram basically just have to do with downloading the application over the internet and installing it.

Where the little task lies is having a raw Instagram app to download without the Google play store because ordinarily, Google play store app isn’t yet supported on bb10 phones. I will be helping you with the download link to the app in other not to stress you in any way.

  • Using your blackberry 10 phone inbuilt browser,
  • Download Instagram for android Here.
  • Upon visiting that page, choose to download the application for android and install it.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and after successful installation, you are good to go.

Extra Tip: Do you know you can actually use Opera-Mini On Blackberry 10 Phones? Yes! You can. Although Blackberry app world doesn’t support Opera-min, the app can be downloaded and used on Blackberry 10 smartphones.

  • Download Opera-Mini For Blackberry 10 Phones

Navigate to your menu and find the Instagram application. Launch and enjoy using Instagram on your blackberry z10, Q10, Q5, Z3, Z30 phone.

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