CyanogenMod 7 : Advantages And Disadvantage Of Using The Custom Mod On Sony Xperia

Following my post where I had talked on how I install and use cyanogenmod 7 custom mod on sony ericsson x10i, I recall stating that probably in my subsequent posts, I will talk on the advantages and disadvantages of using the cyanogenmod 7 custom mod and here on this post, I’d like to do justice to that.

The Cyanogenmod custom mod is a custom rom programmed by a profond member of XDA forum which is meant to change the functionality of a particular device.

Based on my research on the mod, it isn’t just programmed for Sony ericsson xperia alone, but has got a version for other devices like Samsung, HTC etc.

download and install CyanogenMod 7 on sony xperia

Personally for me, when running on the official sony ericsson android 2.3.3 OS, the phone was so boring as it lacked loads of features.

As a matter of fact, I was fed up of the phone and that was when I decided to try out using a custom mod.

Using a custom rom was a good idea as it has changed the look and feel of the device thus leaving advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Using Cyanogenmod 7 custom mod On SE Xperia

More Functionality

Using the Cyanogenmod 7 gave room to more functionality on the SE device, more functions that the default 2.3.3 android OS never had.

Room For Changing Theme

I never knew it was possible to change themes on android phone till I tried using a custom rom. Now I can download themes to my android phone and apply them seamlessly.

Better Interface

The custom mod interface is pretty awesome. There is a very noticeable difference in the screen pad key, phone call input keys. These keys look like that in the iPhone device and trust me, I prefer them to the default android 2.3.3 OS on the SE xperia device.


Yes, booting up the device seem faster on Cyanogenmod 7 custom mod than the default version.

Vital Apps Now Usable

Believe it or not, previously my sony ericsson xperia X10i wasn’t able to use Google play store. Athrough it installs, upon launching, it will request that you add an account. When you click on yes, it automatically close the app.

Additionally, droidVPN couldn’t work on the device. Alhrough it also installs, it doesn’t do anything. You can tap the connect button and when it’s just about connecting to a server, the phone reboots. However, after using the Cyanogenmod 7 custom mod, Google play came pre-installed and works very well now. DroidVPN works awesome too now and I use it alongside my mtn bis plan without problems.

Upgrade Android OS Version

Formally, my updated SE runs on android 2.3.3 Gingerbread which is the official update from the Sony Ericsson website for my kinda device.

However, upon installing this custom mod, my SE android version was upgraded to android version 2.3.5 and model number now displays X10 instead of X10i.

Pretty cool right? Well there are more advantages to these already listed. However, let’s keep it at that.

Disadvantages Of Using Cyanogenmod 7 custom mod On SE Xperia

So far so good, I have been able to notice two basic disadvantages:

1. WiFi Hotspot Not Working

Before now, I usually use my android as a modem via its hotspot feature to share internet connection to my laptop and blackberry tablet whenever I don’t feel like using my airtel modem. But, upon installing the cyanogenmod, wifi hotspot no longer works. Instead, it keeps displaying error even when all configurations have been made.

2. Slows Down App Operation Sometimes

I am the type who loves operating devices fast since I know my way around. But, upon using the custom mod, I realize that sometimes the device slows down at some application, thus displaying a message stating that the app is not responsive and in some cases, I’d have to reboot the device but this is rare.

3. The Booting Message is Kinda Scary

lol I know this sounds funny but don’t you think its best I speak my mind?

Upon installing the Cyanogenmod 7 custom mod and installing its fix, you’d get a welcome message which reads ‘U Mad?’ Isn’t that weird? Well, I always answer ‘NO’ when I turn my phone on lol.

So, here you have it. These are the basic advantages and disadvantages of using the Cyanogenmod 7 custom mod on sony ericsson xperia X10 which I can really point out now, probably with time, more will be discovered.

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