Hands-on with iOS 10 on iPhone 6 : Here’s all to expect on the first public beta

Apple is weeks away from launching its next generation smart phone known as the iPhone 7. And as a tradition, apple is also launching its next OS version for its line of smartphones known as the iOS 10.

I’ve shared with you features to expect on the iOS 10 and i also talked about the fact that apple has released its first public beta version of the iOS 10.

If you are using any of the compatible devices, you should be able to test out the iOS 10 before the official release. But first, you may want to keep reading this article to find out what’s new and if it’s worth upgrading just yet.

iOS 10 first public beta test on iPhone 6

Days after public beta release, I was able to install the first beta version of the OS on an iPhone 6 and I’d like to share with you what the experience has been so far and what to expect.

So, what’s new with iOS 10?

Yes. Am sure that’s the question on your mind right now. That’s probably why you reading this post right? Well, what’s new are the usual suspects; improvements and better user experience.

The iOS 10 brings about some of the features I initially shared with you couple of weeks back. Some? Yes. And that’s because it’s on an iPhone 6 and not 6s, 6s Plus or SE.

The Lock Screen

iOS 10 lock screen on iPhone 6

Adjustments have been made to the lock-screen. Swiping the screen no longer allows you unlock the phone. Instead, you have to press the home button which personally, isn’t totally cool with me.

Swiping the screen to the right (which initially allows you unlock the phone), now shows your widgets plus information(s) the widgets are programmed to show.

Swiping to the right while the phone is still locked, allows you quickly launch the camera app which sure comes in handy.

The Interface

iOS 10 homescreen on iPhone 6

The iOS 9 came with a new multitasking interface and I ‘perhaps’ expected iOS 10 to come with at least, some little tweaking. Unfortunately, nothing about the home and multitasking interface changed with the iOS 10.

While the phone is unlocked, swiping the screen to the right, still displays your widgets as seen on the iOS 9. However, some tweaks were made. Words seem bolder and widgets are now placed in blocked forms. Swiping to the left, of course, shows you other apps installed on the phone.

iOS user interface on iPhone 6

Swiping the screen from the bottom upwards, shows the usual quick menu you have always loved. However, the interface got same love the widgets got.

Another feature added to the quick menu is the ability to quickly launch music by swiping the quick menu screen to the left. Yes, I am aware of the music function on same page of the quick menu. That has been replaced with Night shift (this is actually a new feature).

Hence, to launch music quickly, you have to swipe the quick menu screen to the left. In my opinion, this isn’t bad. Wanna know my opinion on the night shift feature? Keep reading.

iPhone 6 running iOS 10

Swiping the screen from the top to the button shows you the usual notifications and widgets.

The notification also received same love as the widgets and quick menu. Notifications are now in block forms just as the widget.

So basically, apple added block designs to widgets and notifications. Yes! That’s it.

The Music App

iOS 10 music interface on iPhone

Yes. Although Apple did a major redesign of the music app in iOS 8.4, the iOS 10 also brings about some little changes you might not notice on the music player. Hence, I won’t be talking much in this regards.

The Pictures

new photo layout on iOS 10

The picture folder on the iOS 10 just got smarter. I personally like the things brought in here. Of course, this isn’t the first time we will be seeing such as Google’s photo tend to have similar feature, it’s nice to see the iPhone incorporating the feature.

The photo app on the iOS 10 just makes you want to keep snapping pictures and thus, making memories. I personally love the development here.

Calls and Contact

contacts Interface on iOS 10

The iOS 10 brought about a new user interface to the call and contact app. No, you wouldn’t notice them by just accessing the app. Instead, you will see them when you tap on a call log or on a contact’s detail.

The messages

message app on iPhone 6 running iOS 10

The message app also got a major love. Although I couldn’t utilize the message’s new feature as I don’t use face time or iMessage, I still think the new additions are worth mentioning although I won’t be giving much detail.

The home app

home app on the iOS 10

iOS 10 introduced a new HOME app and according to the description on the app, it allows you connect your iPhone to your home accessories. I didn’t / haven’t used this feature hence, I won’t be  saying much on it.

The Night Shift Mode

night shift mode on iOS 10

The night shift feature is another new feature on iOS 10. What the mode is intended for is basically allowing you operate your phone conveniently at night without the screen brightness level interfering with your eyes.

My opinion with the mode? I turned it on to see how well it performs during the night-time and I couldn’t stay at it for up to 5 mins. And although the temperature can be modified, it just isn’t useful to me.

Stock Apps can be deleted

delete stock apps on iOS 10

This is one new feature i almost forgot. On the iOS 10, stock apps can be deleted except for very essential apps like the app store, messages, pictures and settings. Health too. SO, if you don’t use those stock apps, you can delete them and utilize the space for something better.

Any bugs on iOS 10?

Of course. Since its beta version, it’s still in its testing stage and bugs should be expected. Basically, I encountered three bugs:

  • Some App(s) closing itself during use
  • Battery life
  • Inability to receive a call ‘sometimes’ when the phone is unattended to for long period of hours.

So, there you have it guys. That’s all of the new things I could experience with the iOS 10 on the iPhone 6. Maybe, just maybe, new features will be brought in place when the final version of iOS 10 is available.

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