GLO INFINITO – Make Calls For As Low As One Naira Per Minute Or 2kobo Per Second

Hey friends, how are you all doing? Hope great? Well, I’ve come with another interesting topic, this one involves you making a one minute call for one naira (1 Naira), yes it’s real and it’s on the GLO NETWORK.

Ummmmmm, interesting right? Then read on!



Glo infinito plan details

For me, i have been enjoying this package plan from the glo mobile network ever since it was unleashed. However, it’s a shame that i have never made a call for as low as N1.02 naira per minute until two days ago and yesterday. I even intend posting this article yesterday but i was too busy and i guess today isn’t too late because as at the time of posting this report, the one minute call is still in vogue.


What is this GLO INFINITO all about?

GLO INFINITO on the glo network is a package that allows you make calls for as low as 18kobo per seconds to 5 special numbers, 2kobo per seconds to one special number, and 25kobo to other numbers. Isn’t that cheap?

Well, i didn’t bring up this post to discuss on this because it has been in existence for long now but there’s more to it that wasn’t known to some peeps.

What is so special about the GLO INFINITO PACKAGE?

I know that question is worth asking but how would you feel if you can make a call to a glo number for as low as 2kobo per second? Sounds really fascinating, correct?

Ok, here’s how it’s calculated:

Glo Infinito Special Number Charge

Now, the glo infinito one special number tariff charge 2kobo per second, right? Now 2kobo multiply by 60 gives what?

Lets do this together.

0.02 X 60 = 1.02

And that’s how much you are charged for one minute to one special number N1.02 i.e 1 Naira, 2 kobo.

Do you get the gist?

Now, your next question should be

How Do I Register My Special Numbers In The Glo Infinito Plan Package?

Like i earlier stated, you can either register 5 special number and pay 18kobo per second or register one special number and pay 2kobo per second.

Now, if you are interested in the 5 special numbers, simply dial *100*9*2# then confirm but if you are interested in the one special number, simply dial *100*9*1# then confirm.

Now, to add your special number, simply dial *101*1*the special number# then call and confirm. It’s that simple.


For me, after much trials and errors, i have been able to finally tweak it to be able to make same 1 naira per minute call to any glo number. I am still working on how i can make same charge to other network though.

I don’t want to post it here so that it doesn’t get blocked but if i have to post it, it will be when have fully enjoyed it lol. So, if you want to get your hands on this information first, then simply reach me through my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.

Though you will need to do something for me but trust me, it doesn’t require any money or stress. Hence, you shouldn’t be bothered as no money is needed from you for this information.

Hope this helps?

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