Top 5 Android PDF Readers you Should Know About

Portable Document Format (PDF) has become one of the most used digital file formats. PDF files are very space-efficient hence easy to store and travel. Also, it is very easy to share, create and edit them using PDF readers.

With the increased popularity and use of smartphones, a lot of PDF readers are now available in the form of Android mobile apps, too.  

While some PDF readers offer only basic features, there are some high-quality PDF readers that offer a wide range of advanced features. 

These mobile apps are capable of performing all the tasks accurately that their equivalent desktop applications offer.

Best android PDF readers

Keep reading to find out more about our favorite top 5 PDF readers and their supreme features. 

1. Soda PDF

SodaPDF makes it to the top of the list due to it’s competitive and incredible features. The cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox) feature of SodaPDF makes it much easier to share and access your content anytime, anywhere. 

The free version of Soda PDF Android app is also available. However, in order to get all the premium facilities, you have to sign up to the premium version of the app. 

E-book reading mode of the Soda PDF tool is also quite popular. You will also love soda pdf compressor features. 

Other key features of Soda PDF includes:

  •         User can easily create, edit and modify files 
  •         The facility of E-sign for the documents
  •         File conversion
  •         Engaging and user-friendly interface
  •         Annotation  

2. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is one of the oldest PDF readers and now it’s available in the form of a mobile app, too. 

While still popular, it is no more the preferred tool due to the availability of cheaper and more useful options.

Nonetheless, it offers many good features like: 

  •         Customization, annotating
  •         Different Reading modes
  •         E-signing and document organizing
  •         User-friendly interface
  •         User can create, edit and modify files easily

The only side effect is that it takes a lot of memory, is expensive, and slow at times.

3. Foxit Reader

Due to its simple and user-friendly interface Foxit reader is also a very famous and widely used PDF reader. 

It has three different reading modes including continuous, thumbnail, and single view. It adjusts brightness automatically according to the lighting condition of your surroundings.

Some key features of Foxit reader are:

  •         Creating, editing, deleting the file
  •         Altering files
  •         Annotating files 

4. Pickwick Santa

This app is very famous for its amazing ebook feature. Book lovers should give it a try. You can also use the text to speech option to listen to your favorite books or novels. 


If you are looking for a PDF reader with amazing sorting and organizing features then XODO can be a good option. It also provides cloud storage facility and takes less storage on your phone. 

Bottom line

All these PDF readers offer a variety of benefits and features. Pick one that suits you the best.

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